Have you noticed how all internet marketing sites look alike after a while?

They make the same big hyped up promises…and even use the same designs.

Around every corner is another expert telling you how easy it is to earn $1,000 daily online.

We’ve been invaded by an army of zombies.

But it’s not just this field anymore.

It’s happening in every market.

New me-too sites spring up daily.

It’s hard to tell them from each other!

They’re selling the same products…at the same prices…using almost the same ad copy.

And they wonder why they’re being ignored.

Here’s the lesson for today…

‘Nobody wants to do business with a zombie!’

Zombies on TV and in movies constantly say, “Brains!”

Online zombies have a different mantra, “Content!”

A few years ago content alone was enough to stand out in competitive marketplaces.

But it’s not any longer.

We’re been flooded with websites, videos, blogs, and social media. If you’re looking for ‘generic’ content, you can find that anywhere with just the click of a mouse.

If you’re struggling to attract attention, regurgitating more content is NOT the solution.

Content can be good. It can be valuable. But it’s not enough.

Here’s another word popular with online zombies, “Copy!”

Rookie copywriters often believe that any problem can be solved with better ad copy.

Nope. As my friend Doberman Dan says, “Great copy can’t sell a turd.”

The ad copy on your site are important, but it won’t separate you from the zombies waiting to eat your brains.

There’s something more elusive and much more powerful today than content or copy.

It’s the concept behind your site. What is your big selling idea?

The BIG IDEA behind your site is what makes you stand out from the competition.

It’s what makes people connect to your content. It’s why they act on your sales copy.

It’s an attention grabbing hook that can’t be ignored. It fills a prospect with so much curiosity they ache to find out more.

It’s something unexpected…and sometimes even looks a little outrageous.

Predictability kills interest. That’s why you need more than a promise. You need a ‘unique promise.’

What can you say that’s so contrarian it becomes a totally different angle from all the zombies in your market?

In the August newsletter of the Monthly Mentor Club, I’m going to give you the 6 step proven formula for finding an attention grabbing BIG IDEA…for even the most competitive markets.

This issue is being mailed out Thursday, August 1st.

This is what separates the winners from the losers in marketing online.

And it becomes the solid foundation for everything else you do in your business including your products, your ad copy, and all your traffic generation.

In addition to this formula, you’re also going to receive my step-by-step formula for creating irresistible bullet benefits and my complete formula for winning ‘long’ copy online (for both sales pages and video sales letters).


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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