I’m writing this post to honor a person who deserves to be remembered.

My father passed away July 17th at the age of 84.

I’m the youngest of 7 children, and my mother passed away 12 years ago at 73.

My father and I weren’t emotionally close, but he was the type of man you could count on.  He would have done anything to provide for his family.

He always encouraged me about what I could become.

While he and I didn’t see eye to eye, he was the kind of person who expected great things from you.  Both of my parents were.  They were never people who would put you down or tell you something was too big for you.    All I ever heard was, “You can do it.

It didn’t matter what ‘it’ was.

All of us have two voices in our heads.  One of them tells us how we can change the world.  The other runs us down and constantly belittles us.

Never underestimate the value of those in your life who encourage you to be your best and follow the voice of the winner inside you.

Success as an entrepreneur takes confidence in yourself and your ideas.

Without it, you’re dead in the water as soon as the trials come.

Your commitment to an entrepreneurial vision will always be tested.

It may be today. It may be tomorrow.  You’re going to have an opportunity to quit.

Success is determined by how you overcome the challenges.

My father also demonstrated the value of good, honest hard work.

He was never a financially rich man, but he got the job done.  He supported his family.

He started at the bottom rung in working for a city service back in Richmond, Indiana.

Over the decades he eventually moved to the top of his department.

That brings us back to a scripture, “Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.”

As an entrepreneur, it’s not about generating 1,000 new customers.

It’s about getting your first customer.

Do the best job you can for them.

Once you have your first customer, get another one.

Everything starts at 1 and grows from there.

Too many people jump from one idea to the next because they don’t have an instant home run.

It’s about consistency, hard work, and value.

My father also celebrated the victories of his children.   

He loved to tell stories about his family.  He was proud of all of us.

I’m not sure he even 100% understood what I did, but he told anyone who would listen about how I can create magic with that Internet thingy.

The stories of our lives create who we are.

They’re how we share and connect with those around us.

It’s not the facts and statistics, although those are important.  It’s the emotions resident in our stories that motivate us to move forward.

I’m telling you a simple story here in remembrance of him.

Thank you father for the lessons you taught me…and what they have helped me become.

You may think this post was off topic, but it wasn’t.  I’m opening up and sharing heart-to-heart with you.  We are who we are because of those around us who have influenced us.  Take time out to say thank you to those who stand behind you and lift you up.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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