Marketing and sales did not come naturally to me.

Far from it. I failed miserably when I tried door-to-door sales. And even online, I struggled to gain attention and hold interest.

I like routines. I like facts and numbers. I’m a quiet person.

People around me probably see me as a little boring but reliable.

But I’ve had to learn how to grab attention online.

The secret is storytelling…along with a few other tricks.

Let me tell you about two clients I helped recently.

The first one has been involved in his topic for decades. Sometimes it’s a little hard for us to stay on track during a coaching call because he has so many stories he loves to share. He tells them so well, integrating his experiences and emotions into each of them.

He is a natural storyteller and didn’t even realize it.

Coming up with a content marketing plan for him was easy. He and his partner simply need to get on a Zoom video call together. His partner can interview him and let him rip.

The full recording could be a podcast.

They can also break up the stories into separate video clips for Youtube and other social media.

Every story becomes a content piece, because they illustrate the possibilities and the dangers in his market.

The second client was already consistently creating content, but he struggled with building loyalty.

He gave good information, but there wasn’t enough personality or connection in it.

There were little or no stories.

Since he wrote a script for each of his videos, the solution was to work in a systematic plan to bring in stories.

Keep the facts and figures.

But add some examples in action.

All it takes are a few question prompts.

  • How do you know this?
  • What mistakes have you personally made related to this?
  • What problem were you suffering with when you discovered this?
  • How have one of your customers or clients used this?
  • How did this lesson change your life?
  • What instigated the idea for this content?
  • What is an example of this in action?
  • Is there any sinister villain behind the scenes pulling the strings (I like this one)?

You can also drop in personal tidbits to make a personal connection with your audience.

Mention your spouse, child, or pet by name. Say something about a vacation or your childhood. Talk about your favorite sports team, movie, or TV show. Talk about your hidden talents or your flaws.

Integrating stories and personal tidbits applies to every form of content.

It’s for emails. It’s for videos. It’s for podcasts. It’s for social media.

Publishing information is good, but your stories demonstrate how to implement your info in action.

Autoresponder Alchemy contains my step-by-step system for writing profitable emails.

But it’s NOT just for email. This system applies to every type of content you create online.

Not only will you get template emails that have earned me millions online, but you’ll also discover how to make a personal connection with your audience.

Attract more customers. Sell more online. And create long-term loyalty.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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