I make a lot of educated guesses each day.

There are some decisions that are clear.  Making this change will improve sales.  No doubt about it.  We don’t even need to test it.

That headline stinks.

The offer isn’t clear.

You’ve hidden your strongest form of proof.

You haven’t called out your ideal buyer.

You’re not giving anyone a reason to act now.

When you see major problems like these, it’s easy to be confident in the answer.

But there are many decisions which are much more difficult.

This great headline versus that one…this design or that one…exactly how much to charge…2 or 3 options for the offer (as long as they’re easy to understand)…etc.

When it comes to questions like these, this is when you have to test.

And it’s not always easy to decide what to test.

Test audiences first if you’re able (different ad groups or ad sources for example).  

While offer is the next most important element, we usually test headlines first because it’s easier.

Then offers…trying out basic/deluxe type offers or 3 clear options (to raise average transaction size).  Or another favorite is a $1 trial type offer with the rest paid in 7 to 10 days.  You can add better bonuses as well.

Adding a video, moving proof higher on the page (or earlier in the video), and figuring out a way to demonstrate results in advance are other favorites.

You have to make a choice of what’s most likely to move the needle.  And that’s not always easy.

Because unless you have a massive amount of traffic, it takes weeks for most tests.

And as I mentioned in a previous email, you can see a lot of fakeouts early on in tests.

The new version looks like it’s a clear winner for several days or even a week or more, but that’s simply because it’s fresh to the audience.  Soon the numbers level out and it’s much closer to equal.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

You test two options, such as two radically different designs for the main sales page or the order form.

One becomes the clear winner.

And it’s not the one you expected.

I love it when that happens.

Because it means I learned something new.  I just added another profit booster to my toolbox.

I always go back and analyze those in detail.  

I’ll brainstorm a few ideas with the client of why this worked.  

Why did this offer, copy, or design perform for this specific audience?  

How could we apply this to other areas of the business?

That’s where you often see the biggest leverage.  You learned something new about the audience and what they respond to.  Test your hypothesis in another area.  You’re likely to see results again.  

If appropriate, I’ll test the same concept in a totally different market with another client.  Boom…it happens again.  

That’s why I love being wrong!  Because that’s where breakthroughs are often found.

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