Email lists are similar to gardens.

Weird analogy I know, but hang in here with me for a few moments.

It all starts with finding good ground and planting the seeds.

Once the seeds are planted, you have to water them.

This is the contrarian content you provide to your lists.

You’ve probably been on lists that provide zero content or advice. All they do is sell-sell-sell. Every day there is a new breakthrough product/service that will change your life.

Sure, that works in the short-term. You can make some sales if the offers are strong enough. But you don’t grow the connection.

You also have to provide sunshine.

That’s the warmth and personality you share. You identify with your readers. You have empathy for them.

Telling them you understand isn’t good enough.

You provide sunshine and personality with stories and examples from your own life that demonstrate you understand their situation.

You know what it’s like to struggle and be overwhelmed.

All of us face challenges in life. It’s what we do with them that matters. Stories show you as a real person, not just another disembodied voice on the Internet.

You keep watering the seeds…and providing sunshine…as you patiently wait.

That patience is consistency in your emails. You’re constantly sharing the message of what benefits are available to them.

It’s not just a few quick messages and you’re done. It’s ongoing communication.

You’re taking the position of a trusted adviser.

What about when you’re doing all this…and nothing is happening? You’re providing contrarian content. You’re sharing personality, stories, and examples. You’re consistent with your emails.

What if you’re doing all this and it still isn’t working?

It comes back to your seeds. Are you attracting the right kind of subscribers?

Let’s say you plant tomatoes. It doesn’t matter how much you want potatoes, you’re not going to get them. You can water all you want and provide a perfect climate. Those tomatoes are not going to turn into potatoes. It won’t happen.

Your audience is the #1 factor to your success with online marketing.

That’s why you must create your ideal client avatar.

Who are you trying to attract? Who is the perfect buyer for your product or service? How old are they? Are they male or female? What problems are they struggling with? What do they dream about at night? What offers do they respond best to?

The better you understand them and can identify them, the easier everything else becomes.

Here’s another way to go about it. Who isn’t a good client for you? Why wouldn’t they be a good buyer? How would they respond to your products or services? What are they looking for specifically? And why doesn’t your offer fit them?

Often thinking about who you don’t want can make it easier to identify the perfect buyer.

Everything else you do online relies on having an accurate client avatar. This includes traffic generation, converting visitors into buyers, and monetizing your business.

That’s why the second week of my Autoresponder Alchemy course is knowing your buyer.

You’ll discover how to research markets, find the hidden psychology behind their buying habits, and how to create an avatar that fits your audience.

You can get everything else right…but get the customer wrong…and you simply won’t get the results you’re looking for. This is your secret weapon.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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