Are you curious about the average earnings of people interested in online marketing?

I know I am.

People quote all kinds of random numbers like they’re facts…such as saying 99% of internet marketers fail.

How do they know? Did they track them? Did they at least survey them?

Nope. They just make up a number, because it sounds good.

I was so curious about this topic that I added a survey to the 16th message in my primary autoresponder series.

Over the past 4 months subscribers have been telling me how much they have sold online to date along with which subject they’d most like me to teach.

You may be surprised by the results of the survey…



They add up to 99.6% instead of 100% because I dropped the fractional numbers for ease of use.

So 42.2% haven’t sold anything online yet. I’m surprised this wasn’t higher as everyone constantly talks about how no one takes action.

Over half have already sold something online. That’s pretty good! Remember these weren’t exclusively buyers. They were subscribers.

They’re not just reading. They’re doing something.

If you add up the numbers above, you’ll see 33.5% have made over $1,000 online so far and 19.8% have made over $10,000.

Sounds like the 80/20 rule is in effect again…20% are taking serious action on the message.

Now we get to the more exciting levels.

9.6% said they have made $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more online so far.

That’s pretty good money!

In fact, the percentage was higher than I expected.

This audience has some movers and shakers on it.

Would you be interested in knowing what was considered the most valuable subject to this action oriented audience?

I was pleased.

They were presented with 8 subjects including email lists, copywriting/conversion, social media marketing, video marketing, media buying, kindle, and seo.

The landslide choice with 52.7% of the response was “Building Email Lists & Writing Emails

Was there a connection between so many people choosing this option and the fact that over half have sold products online so far? We can’t know for sure, but I’ll bet there is.

Email is the secret to making online business profitable.

If you’re serious about earning profits online, you owe it to yourself to know how to create emails that convert visitors into sales.

Here’s my step-by-step answer to all your questions about email:

Important: Nothing said above should be considered any guarantee of income. All business involves risk. You may do better or worse. These are simply survey results as provided to me by my subscribers and have not been confirmed.

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Terry Dean

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