Early this year one of my very successful friends said something crazy to me during an interview.

It’s the exact opposite of what all the positive thinkers tell you to do.

He told me that he goes into every new project with the attitude, “This probably isn’t going to work.”

Here’s how he explained it.

You go into a new project. You invest all your mental energy. You apply all the positive thinking strategies.

And then it doesn’t work. You’re heartbroken. You’re a failure. You want to give up.

He said his attitude is, “We’ll try this. It probably isn’t going to work. If it doesn’t, we’ll move on to the next thing.”

This causes him to test a lot of different approaches.

He tests new offers.

He tests headlines.

He tests traffic sources.

Some of it doesn’t work. Whenever it doesn’t work, there is always something else on deck.

But some of his ideas work. They produce results. And he can roll those out for amazing profits.

There is a LOT of wisdom in his approach.

He is never tied down to any specific outcome. If one idea doesn’t work, there is always another opportunity.

It also keeps him from wasting time or money until something has proven successful.

When he creates a product in a new niche, he creates a quick audio product at a low price to test first.

If he runs an ad in a new publication, he can start with a low budget.

My biggest mistakes have been when I went all-in on a project too soon.

Years back I invested 6 months of time on a project that wasn’t all that successful. Sure, it made some money. But it wasn’t a big winner and it didn’t return what I expected it to.

Doberman Dan once told me about how he lost $40,000 on a full page ad in a major magazine.

He was 100% confident it would work. So he ran big on the first ad. All he got was a big goose egg.

One of the biggest things that holds people back is fear of failure.

This line of thinking takes the sting out of failure.

Recently I told a client to contact several experts for interviews. We came up with the email to send. But he was nervous about sending it out.

What if no one responds?

My response was, “Some of them won’t. So what? What have you got to lose by sending a few emails?

The answer to that is absolutely nothing.

And of course there were some responses and interviews.

Sitting around worrying about failure will keep you from implementing.

Take that first step right now.

What if you fall on your face?

You get back up and take another step.

You keep taking steps till your arrive at your destination.

There may be roadblocks and detours along the way. That’s normal in marketing and in life.

How do you know which direction to travel?

That’s where you need a mentor. You need systems proven to work.


Will everything you implement work immediately out of the gate?

No. Anyone who tells you everything works out perfectly every time is full of crap!

You will have some failures. But you will also have some successes.

And those successes are oh so sweet!

Today could be the beginning of the Internet Lifestyle for you. It could equal a complete change in your life. You can reach your dreams, but it requires you to put one foot in front of the other. Be willing to take a few lumps and live a life you love!


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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