What is your Dream Internet Lifestyle?

That’s an important question.

How will you reach a goal if you don’t know what it is?

My experience of working with hundreds of clients over the years has taught me that everyone has their own dream lifestyle.

One client runs his online business in a few hours a day while traveling to exotic locations around the world.

Another has a business that took care of him and his family in just a few hours per week for the past 3 years while he attended seminary.

Still another has built up a decent sized team that almost totally handles the entire business for him. After taking time off in Hawaii for six months, he then started up an entirely new business.

While some clients revel in the freedom, others love the business building process itself.

They may work long hours, but it doesn’t seem like work to them…because they’re so passionate about what they do.

Personally I’m somewhere in the middle. I love the FREEDOM of the Internet Lifestyle. But I’m also dedicated to what I do and passionate about helping others succeed.

So the question comes back to you…What is your dream internet lifestyle?

It’s important so you create a business that fits you…your dreams…and the lifestyle you want to live.

Recently I’ve been looking at houses, because my wife and I may like to move closer to town.

It has been an experience.

We had a list of requirements when we started out.

But it has taken visiting some houses to further refine our thinking. We saw a few things we definitely didn’t want!

Your vision of what you’re looking for gets clearer along the way.

And that is true for your Internet Lifestyle also.

If you’re currently burned out on your job, it’s probably the freedom you’re most looking for.

You might even say, “Anything is better than this!

The day you earn enough to quit your job will likely be one of the best days of your life.

It was for me.

You can dedicate more time to your Internet income. Watch it grow.

As your business grows, your vision will expand.

You may come up with new directions for your life. You might find new passions.

That’s all to be expected.

The Internet Lifestyle is an exciting journey.

So I understand I’m asking you a potentially unfair question here when I ask, “What is your dream Internet Lifestyle?

You can come up with a basic picture, but it will change over time.

That is normal.

The question is still important. Write down your answer. Be as specific as possible. Create a vision to work towards.

It’s not always easy to motivate yourself. I don’t know your situation or challenges. Currently you may be a working a more-than-full-time job. And you can only invest time at the end of the day when you’re already worn out.

Having that vision of the future can motivate you to keep moving forward even if it’s tough.

That’s why you want to get this vision for your life down on paper.

What will your life be like one year from now? What will be like three years for now?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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