As a coach I get to look at the numbers behind the scenes of businesses in all different types of markets, both B2C and B2B.

My clients use multiple sources of traffic including Google, Bing, Facebook, Youtube, blogging, social media, affiliates, banners, and more.

But one source of traffic that has been kicking butt in the past few months has been Youtube…especially for attracting buyers.

While several clients pay near the same cost per lead for Facebook and Youtube leads, their income per subscriber is much higher from Youtube.

Youtube leads are more valuable to them overall.

And it makes sense.

Which of these 2 visitors will be more qualified on average?

Someone is clicking around Facebook, responding to posts from their friends, and your ad jumps out at them, interrupting them from sharing cute puppy videos. The image looks enticing, they scan the words quickly, and they click over to your site.

Compare that to someone specifically searching Youtube for videos on your topic. They see your video in the search results, beside the video they’re currently watching, or as an ad that appears before the video they clicked on (and your ad speaks directly to their interest and why they clicked on that video). They watch 30 seconds, 1 minute, or even 5 minutes of your video and then click over to your site.

Which of these two visitors is more likely to be pre-sold on what you’re offering on your site?

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

I’m not knocking Facebook ads. I use them. Clients use them. They’re extremely effective in the right scenarios, because there is amazing targeting available through their platform.

I’m just pointing out how Youtube traffic is often better prepared to opt-in to your list or purchase your product even before they land on your page.

Several of my clients have demonstrated this recently by generating close to 50% of their front-end sales within 24 hours of leads joining their list.

They each have done this by offering a free content rich video as their lead magnet.

Underneath the video they have a link that says, “For the Fastest Solution For X, Click Here…

It takes them over to their sales video.

Simple funnel:

  • Youtube video
  • Lead Magnet Landing Page
  • Confirmation Email
  • Free Video
  • Link to Sales Video

Another benefit to Youtube video ads is you don’t pay unless someone actually watches your video.

There are two types of video ads. The first is In-Stream. Those are the ‘annoying’ pre-roll ads that play before the video you really want to watch. An advertiser doesn’t pay for a view on their ad UNLESS you either watch the video for 30 seconds or you click a link in their video.

The second type of video is an In-Display ad. These show up at the top of the search results, alongside other videos at the top right, and as banners inside of videos. You don’t pay for these ads until someone clicks your ad to go to your video.

Either way, you’re only paying for viewers who have chosen to watch your video.

In the July issue of the Monthly Mentor Club, I’ll be giving you a step-by-step system for getting started with and profiting from Youtube ads.

You’ll discover how to attract pre-qualified leads, create higher opt-in rates and generate much sales for lower cost.

You’ll find out how to prepare your Youtube account, create videos (including how to get ready-to-go videos created for you), what to say on your video, and how to target the right audience.

This issue will be mailed out July 1st.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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