Here’s a statement I’ve seen many times on internet marketing forums.

I’m going to try X.  I sure hope this works out for me!”

It won’t.

Because hope is not an effective internet strategy.

The X could be PPC, SEO, guest posting, ebooks, videos, etc.

It changes all the time.

Whatever X is, it’s not going to work for them.

Nothing works when your strategy is wrong.

Traffic is too expensive.  The visitors don’t subscribe and don’t buy.

And checking the analytics of your website traffic is about as much fun as a root canal.

What is a simple Internet strategy?

I’m glad you asked.

1. Find a hungry market where people are ALREADY spending money to solve a problem.

Quit thinking your customer is exactly like you.

Don’t miss the sentence above.  You are not your customer.

If you’re selling a product about weight loss, you’ve hopefully already lost weight.  You don’t need a product on weight loss anymore!  The customer thinks like you USED to…not how you think today.

And your customer may be more affluent than you used to be as well…so they’re willing to pay for a better solution.

Don’t limit your pricing and your audience to just your own limited thinking patterns.

Find products that are already selling and tap into the same markets.

2. Create a better solution for this market – quicker, easier, or higher quality results.

Don’t just copycat the competition.  Improve on it.  Make a better version of the product.  Or create a better delivery system on your website.

Look at complaints the buyers still have in the industry (on forums, Amazon reviews, and social media).  Find a way to meet these desires with the “brand new” version.

Customers are always looking for quicker, easier results at a better price….or a higher quality verison.

3. Put a conversion system in place.  

What’s your conversion system?  Maybe visitors come to your site and join your email list.  Then you follow-up on them by email until they make the purchase.

Or perhaps you run an ecommerce model where everything is organized to produce maximum sales on the first visit.

Or you run webinars designed to deliver 50 minutes of hardcore content followed by your “easier” solution of just purchasing your service to do it for them.

The immediate upsells after they make the first purchase are part of this conversion system.

The goal of the first sale to a customer is to pay for the advertising or the time expense of getting them to this point.

4. Tap into several sources of traffic.

Don’t try to sit on the one legged stool.  And don’t try to build an internet business with only one reliable traffic source.

It can get kicked out from under you in a minute (Adwords slaps, Google Penguins, etc.).

Have at least 3 reliable sources of traffic.  Four or more is even better.

You get one traffic source working with the conversion system you have in place. Then immediately add a second.

5. Create backend follow-up and additional products & services for this same audience.  

The purpose of your first sale is to generate a customer.

All the additional products and services you offer are where the profits come from.

You MAY earn a profit on the first sale, but I never want to be in a business where you have to.

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