Watch the dog.  He’s a master marketer.

I have 2, a golden retriever and a german shepherd.  They both bring joy to my life.

My german shepherd, Champ, can often be caught sleeping under my desk.

It’s a good thing he plants himself in the corner for the first hour of the day instead of under the desk though!

Whenever I move my chair or even turn a little, he immediately jumps to his feet.

His head tilts sideways and he looks expectantly right into my eyes asking, “Is it time?”

If he doesn’t see any more movement, he drops back into watching position until I move again.

Immediately he is on his feet.

He knows what will happen soon.  It’s time to play ball.

Don’t ask me why.  The golden likes ball time, but Champ goes insane.  It’s one of the great excitements of life.

There is no way he’d ever let me forget ball time.

There’s an excitement in him that contagious.

It’s not just about ball either.  All dogs have it. They’re enthusiastic about their family, their work, and their play time.

Are you applying this same fun to your business.

Do you have an enthusiasm about what you do?

That’s one of the reasons people mark “passion” as an important quality in marketing.

Can people see the enthusiasm you have about what you offer?

Your prospects and customers want more fun.  They want more excitement.  And they want more energy.

Are you giving it to them?

Are you having fun?

And if you’re not, why aren’t you doing something else?

I’ve found this is often a secret when writing for example.  If you’re writing an email or sales copy for a website, and it’s drudgery, it’s likely not going to be any good either.

Go back to your research.  Find the hook instead.  Tell a story.  Write about something that is fun until you get back to the point.

Otherwise, you’re just wasting time.

And it’s not just enthusiasm that dogs have.

They also know how to ask for the sale.

My golden retriever, Indy, will walk up to someone and plant his butt on the ground right in front of them.

His cute brown eyes stare up into your face with the obvious request, “Pet me.”

The person turns to the side.  Indy gets up, moves in front of them again, and repeats his request.

He doesn’t feel rejected.  He simply asks for the sale again.

Are you asking for the sale multiple times?

And if that doesn’t work, he pulls out his big gun.

He smiles.

Years ago he gave a smile and Julie burst out laughing at him, giving him the attention he wanted.

Ever since, he’s used an attention grabbing smile.  He tested his approach until he can even make the hard sale.

Are you testing?

And that’s just the beginning of what my dogs teach me.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the new book, “Rules of the Hunt.”

This Sales Dog delivered honest, down-to-earth business advice in a fun-to-read manner.

I tore through it and picked up several tips in just a couple of hours.

He’ll show you how to outfox the competition and enjoy your hunt for business success.

Get your copy today…

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