I’ve been running dozens of paid solo ads in email newsletters over the past 2 months.

It’s been an interesting experience.

You can grow an existing list.  Or in just a few weeks you could have a list of several thousand while starting with zero.

Some of the ads were as cheap as $40 while others were in the hundreds.

A few lists were awesome.  For example, one not only sent a whole load of new subscribers, but also put money back in my pocket on day one.

New subscribers. More money than the ad cost back immediately.  That’s a good deal all day long.

There were 10 lists I will definitely advertise other offers with larger ads soon.

There were also more than a dozen that simply didn’t cut the mustard.  Those weren’t worth it.

What I loved most about the experience, besides all the new subscribers and customers, is the testing process.

There are weaknesses in my optin landing page, weaknesses in the thank you page, weaknesses in the confirmation email, and weaknesses in the follow-up.

How many mistakes can a marketer make when a marketer makes mistakes?

Improvements have been added and will continue through the whole system.

These were all mistakes that may not have been noticed without the paid advertising in place.

Paid advertising forces you to get serious.  You have skin in the game.

You watch your conversion when paying for ads.  With free advertising it’s easy to just coast.

That’s why I always recommend clients take advantage of both forms of advertising: free and paid.

Nothing pays faster dividends in your business than analyzing every step in the process for conversion cracks.

Where are the prospects leaking out of the funnel?

If you don’t track, you’ll never know.

But if you run low cost advertising and track EACH step individually, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge.

And that knowledge can soon be turned into profits…even if the initial ad isn’t as successful as you wanted.

The July issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is being sent to the printer Monday, July 2nd.

I’ll detail many of the mistakes I made and what has and is being done to improve them.

Yes, I’ll share my embarrassing mistakes in the process.

You’ll discover how to use solo advertising, the key performance indicators, and where to find good ad sources.

In addition, I share the exact places my ads ran and give you my top 10 list where I will run ads again (kind of shooting myself in the foot here since others may reserve all my spaces).

On the last page of the issue, I also share a Free method I used this month to grow my list that outperformed even the best solo ad.  Don’t miss it.

If you’re not a member, join today and check out the $853.80 in free bonuses you get immediately just for giving it a try.


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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