Last year my wife and I spent over 6 months looking at houses just about every weekend.

I discovered something about us in the process of driving our real estate agent bonkers.

We’re difficult clients.

We’re happy down here in Florida, but we wanted to move a little closer to town, a little closer to hiking trails, and have access to higher speed internet.

But we didn’t need to move and I can’t stand picky HOAs which seem to come with almost every new home here. If I want a purple house, I don’t see what business it is of theirs.

Whenever we found something close to what we wanted, there was something that got in the way.

It’s too small. It’s too big. It’s too old. There’s a sinkhole in the backyard…that of course they didn’t mention on the listing.

We found a house in a nice location we considered buying until I spoke to the neighbors on each side. Both told me the Internet service worked great except for when there was a thunderstorm.

This is Florida. There’s a thunderstorm every afternoon some months.

Eventually we got frustrated with the whole deal, and had our agent take us to builders.

That’s an experience in itself.

Several builders were tract builders who had different home plans you choose from along with a list of available upgrades.

Others were full custom builders which also had basic plans, but you could do anything to the house such as removing walls, adding bathrooms, and so on.

We chose a custom builder who was willing to take us to their design center and price out everything in their contract upfront.

Customization sells.

We had them create an open kitchen concept, create a huge shower in the master, give me a sliding glass door from my office onto lanai, and more.

My wife and I were difficult house shoppers. Customization was the solution.

There’s a lesson in here for information publishers.

Everyone sees their situation as unique.

Do you offer a custom solution for your customers?

That’s one of the reasons my one-on-one coaching sells out in just a few hours whenever a slot opens up. I teach some of the same systems there as in my products, but we discuss how everything applies directly to their market. They get personal advice, direction and support.

You could see a big jump in income by adding premium one-on-one coaching to your backend. I do both phone and email, but I’ve had several clients who offered email only so that it fit in perfectly with their daily life.

Or perhaps you don’t want to help clients privately. I also offer group coaching through my Monthly Mentor Club.

You get a load of bonuses for giving it a try. And the main offer is the print newsletter where I cover a step-by-step internet system to increase your profits every month.

But it also comes with group support through the discussion area where I help members multiple times per week…and the monthly webinar where you can bring your questions & get feedback on your projects.

You get proven systems…plus customization for your situation…all for one low monthly price.

How could you integrate something like this into your business? It could be as simple as producing content for your membership based on questions your customers ask. This is one of the best ways to integrate consistent monthly income into your business.

By the way, in case you were worried, our house will be blue instead of purple.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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