Are you as sick and tired of this upcoming election as I am?

It’s one negative ad after another. In the past few weeks I’ve heard how one of the candidates is Hitler and the other is planning to start World War 3 with Russia.

And those are just their good points!

Facebook has become a cesspool. Although I can’t say that’s all that different from usual.

So with all the craziness…which is likely to get even worse over the next week…what can we take away from the election to grow our business?


How many ads have you seen which talk about real solutions to problems?

Virtually none.

How many discussions have you heard that talk about the issues without quickly descending into how corrupt or despicable the candidates are?

Not very many I expect.

This election is one of the greatest illustrations you’ll ever see of how people are not rational.

Decisions aren’t made based on logic. They’re made based on emotions.

The best product doesn’t win.

The winner is the one who tells the best story that resonates with the most people.

We’ve heard a LOT of stories over the past few months.

They’re all designed to paint a picture of the candidates.

How could you support that person with what they have done?

And our reaction to those stories is determined by our background and beliefs.

Two people side-by-side can hear the same story and have a completely different reaction to it.

To a point, all of us live inside our own ‘illusion.’

It’s based on all of your experiences up to this point. That’s why we’re told to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, but that is impossible. You don’t know everything that happened that made them who they are today.

We can research what motivates our customers.

Review what customers in your market do. Survey them. Speak to them directly. And test what works and doesn’t work in your market.

What each of us should take away from this election is an even greater realization of how persuasion all comes back to the story we already are telling ourselves.

The stories being told in public are connecting with the stories already inside us. They fanned the flames.

They added proof to back up the emotions we already felt.

This year, like many years, it has almost all been focused on the negative. And it has damaged the country overall.

In your business, you can focus on the positive side. You can share a story of HOPE.

The lesson to take away from the election is the power of an emotional story to drive everything else.

What story are you telling?

My story is about the Internet Lifestyle.

It’s about the FREEDOM available to us as online business owners.

I went from a dead-end, go nowhere job of delivering pizzas for Little Caesars to building a business that has earned me millions online.

And I’ve helped thousands of customers and clients do the same over the past two decades.

You can’t control who wins this election…or where this country may go next…but you can set the course for your future.

The decision you make today can affect you and your family for the rest of your life.

I’m so glad I made the right decision in 1996.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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