Recently a subscriber emailed me about an important question that holds a LOT of people back.

Here’s a short portion of that email…
I, as well as a friend, have been trying for many years to find a market to go in. We both feel, beside not being able to identify a *greatly profitable* market we would see ourselves going into, we can’t figure out any kind of knowledge and value for us to share.”

The first mistake I see here is trying for many years to find a market.

If you’ve been searching for years, you’ve set your standards too high.

It shouldn’t take years before you decide on a market.

You’re be better off getting started in an “OK” market rather than waiting for a ‘greatly profitable’ one.

The experience you gain from attracting traffic, building a list, sending out emails, and making offers can be applied to any other market you choose in the future.

But until you choose a market and get started, you’re still at square one.

Give yourself a set deadline.

Brainstorm market ideas. Do your research.

Get started on a specific day on the ‘most likely market’ at that time. Give yourself a maximum of 30 days or less before you start. Ready or not, here you come.

I find it hard to believe you don’t have any knowledge or value to share.

Perhaps you’re really young and don’t have much experience, but I also once had a 13 year old email me a testimonial about the sales he was generating for his ebook about Tractors…which he had learned about from his father on their farm.

I’ve yet to meet a client where we couldn’t find at least a couple of topics they had expertise to share. The bigger problem is often choosing between all the options available!

But let’s assume for a moment you really don’t have any knowledge or value to share.

That’s a hard assumption to make, but I’ll run with it.

Obviously you don’t want to go to market when you’re clueless about how to help people.

Instead, let’s pick a subject you’re intensely interested in. I don’t know what that may be. Spend some time in Amazon. Go through their categories and narrow down to a specific category.

I’ll start on Amazon by choosing the category “Craft, Hobbies, and Home.” I’m tempted to choose “Pets” next because dogs would be a topic I’d choose.

But let’s keep this example on a topic I don’t know, “Gardening and Landscape.” Nobody will be hiring me for that anytime soon. I narrow it down more to “Vegetables.”

Wow, look at the topics of the popular books.

People are interested in learning about growing more in less space, mushrooms, aquaponics, and growing a garden with chickens (I hope that is about something other than planting chickens).

I’m not passionate about any of these topics. I would have chosen dogs instead during my search (and would have narrowed it down to the specific breed of German Shepherds).

I don’t know what you’re passionate about, but find something you want to eventually become an expert on. Any of the topics above could apply. Your next assignment is to study at least 3 respected books on this topic. They can be from the library, any bookstore, or from Amazon.

Now start applying what you learned.

Go grow that garden or plant some chickens.

Create a website and a free email list. Start writing about this topic as you experience it.

Initially you’ll focus on building up your audience and you’ll monetize by promoting affiliate products.

As you keep reading, practice what you learn, and gain experience, you’ll eventually be ready to release your own product on the subject to the audience you’ve already spent time building.

That’s just a basic path.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.