Online business is there to serve your life, not consume it.

That’s been my theme for as long as I can remember.

You hustle in the beginning. You put in the hours. And you reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

I’m not sure who the original source is, but I love this quote, “If you’re willing to do for a year what others won’t, you can live for the rest of your life the way others can’t.”

This makes me think about one of my clients, Dr. Michael Beck.

He went after chiropractors as his audience, because he was a chiropractor and had a story they would resonate with.

Within 30 days of starting coaching with me, he had put together an advertising kit for chiropractors to attract new patients. He earned over $10,000 that first month.

He hustled his butt off to get more done in one month than many people do in three months or more.

He built on his success by expanding and optimizing his Adwords advertising, adding emails to his sequence, and creating content for his blog.

He created a solid six figure net profit business that first year.

He continued growing both his traffic and his list the next year.

He hired a virtual assistant to manage the customer service and the day-to-day operation.

A joint venture partner contacted him and set-up a monthly service to help his product buyers implement his kit and attract new patients.

They share the revenue from this additional monthly service 50/50.

By the end of the 2nd year, he had doubled his income again.

Michael’s business served his life, instead of consuming it.

He decided to attend seminary for the next 3 years.

Study, reports, and tests took the majority of his attention over this time.

He dedicated just a few hours PER WEEK to his business, and it continued to support him, his wife, and his large, growing family.

One of my other clients partnered with him to deliver Facebook advertising services to his hungry audience. This means an additional monthly income for Michael.

He graduated this year and has been pioneering a new church in Texas for the past few months.

He continues to invest only a few hours per week online.

And the money keeps coming in.

You’re not paid for the hours you invest in your business.

It’s all about the value you provide to a hungry audience. It’s all about your systems and your team.

Once you have that audience in place, you don’t have to be the ones delivering the services.

Michael is an exceptional case. He choose the right audience and had a strong story to tell and value to give.

He succeeded much faster than the average online marketer, but he demonstrates what it is possible with the Internet Lifestyle.

The November issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about Six and Seven Figure Internet Lifestyles.

It’s being mailed on November 1st.

You’ll discover the 3 characteristics all my top earning clients have in common. ONE of these is almost exactly opposite of what most gurus recommend.

In addition, I’ll share 7 lessons you can model from my clients that helped them create their Internet Lifestyles fast.

And 3 rules for choosing reliable and profitable long-term joint venture partners. The right partners and team members can multiply your income while freeing up your time…while the wrong ones will have you aging prematurely and pulling out your hair!

Here’s how to Live the Internet Lifestyle For Fun and Profit…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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