Here’s how NOT to approach a JV partner cold…

“Hey Terry…would you like to promote my course? It’s about how to make millions of dollars online and I need help getting it out there. I’m sure you’ll make a lot of sales to your list!”

This isn’t a word-for-word email, but I’ve received many similar to it over the years.

It’s needy and all about them.

They’re hoping someone has mercy on them and gives them a break.

And many times their offer makes some outrageous financial promise even though they’ve never succeeded themselves.

They’re selling fairy dust.

There’s another much better approach when contacting someone cold.

Turn it around and do something for them instead of asking for the email endorsement on first contact.

For example, send them a thank you note or testimonial.

Have you implemented some advice they’ve taught? What were the results?

Most authority experts would love to hear your story.

If they accept guest posts on their blog, suggest writing your case study about how their system worked for you.

Promote one of their products as an affiliate. Make a few sales and you’re likely to get on their radar.

Ask to interview them for your podcast…if you have a listening audience.

Ask if you can share their content with your list or audience.

Hire them for a consulting or coaching session. I have a client who has partnered with many of the coaches he hired.

All of these are softer, more effective approaches for cold contacts.

It’s a whole lot easier to get them to promote your offer if you establish a relationship with them first.

For example, I promoted Tom Poland’s webinar system last month.

First, he interviewed me for his podcast.

Then he sent me a physical copy of his book.

Later he followed up asking me to give the digital copy of his book away free.

If he asked for the promo first, it would have gone nowhere.

How can you give first and prove your worth?

Of course, there are ways to go directly for the joint venture endorsed email also.

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