Are you generating low quality subscribers to your email list?

You know the ones. They join to get your freebie. But they don’t buy.

It doesn’t matter how many emails you send.

In fact, your open rates might look like they fell off a cliff after the first message or two.

It can feel like your emails are disappearing into a black hole.

This is a common complaint I’ve hear, especially from people using Facebook as their primary lead source.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Facebook can be a great lead source if you know how to use it correctly.

I have clients who generate an incredible ROI on the leads they generate on Facebook.

But what if there was a way to generate higher quality leads?

And what if these leads were more loyal, more affluent, and more educated than the average internet user?

And best of all…what if these leads already know, like, and trust you before they ever join your list?

Those would be some pretty good leads, wouldn’t they?

The lead source I’m talking about is podcasting.

According to Nielsen, 50% of all homes are podcast fans and 48 million listen to podcasts weekly.

A stat I personally find shocking is 80% of people listen to all or most of the podcasts they download (Infinite Dial Research).

You could create your own podcast, but I’m going to suggest an easier approach to tap into these hungry, buying audiences.

According to Apple, there were 550,000 podcasts in 2018.

And this number continues to grow.

Many of them use an interview format and publish content weekly, a couple of times per week, or even daily.

That means they’re starving for fun, entertaining guests.

They’ll promote you and your website if you’ll fill the desperate problem they have…good content and value for their audience.

In the January issue of the Monthly Mentor Club, I’ll be sharing step-by-step how you can attract hungry subscribers and buyers as a podcast guest.

And as a special bonus, I’ve recruited a guest expert who has been featured on 200+ podcasts to share how he has generated tens of thousands of high-quality leads and buyers from his method.

In fact, the interview itself went in a surprising direction as he explained the psychology behind the questions he answers on these podcasts…and how they help him attract 100+ new subscribers on average from each podcast.

These are people who invested 20 to 60 minutes listening to him on a podcast before they typed in his website address and joined his list.

You get this audio interview in mp3 format inside the Club in addition to the Monthly Mentor Club issue being sent to print on Dec 31st.

You’ll discover how to find podcasts with your audience, contact the podcasters, put together your one sheet, deliver an amazing interview, create an exciting Lead Magnet, get new pre-qualified subscribers, and more…everything you need to turn this lead source into ongoing and profitable income.

Join today to get this issue PLUS all the bonuses and recent back issues inside the Club.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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