Chasing after the hottest trends isn’t what builds a long-term profitable business.

Sure, trends are important…especially buyer trends. If you know what the customer is thinking and what they’re buying, you have an extreme advantage in any market.

What I’m referring to here are the ever fickle trends of internet marketers.

Chasing after every new shiny object is a recipe for disaster.

Perhaps you heard about how a new ‘landing page’ is all the rage. Sure, test it. Nothing wrong with testing. But don’t blindly jump on the bandwagon.

And don’t expect those ‘new tricks’ to revolutionize your business. They’re minor details.

Think bigger.

What can you do today that will multiply your results by 10 times or more?

How can you take a six figure business to seven figures?

Or how can you take a struggling business and make it profitable as quickly as possible?

The answers to these questions will rarely involve a cool new internet marketing trick.

Instead, it will be repairing your foundation.

The foundation of a one story residential home is quite different from a 50 story high rise apartment building.

You can’t just take the one story home and start adding new floors.

That may work for a ‘little growth’ but a collapse is coming soon.

Instead you need to dig all the way to the foundation.

One of the first layers of your foundation is your funnel.

You don’t have a ‘real’ business until you can afford to buy advertising.

Advertising is the ultimate leverage. Once you can profitably buy ads, you can expand your marketing.

To make advertising work, you’ve got to have a successful funnel in place.

Right now my successful clients have two different types of funnels.

The 1st funnel is starting with an impulse purchase and transitioning through upsells into backend sales.

This is the most common in consumer markets.

Ads drive visitors first to an optin bribe. This could be a free video, audio, PDF report, or even a discount coupon from an ecommerce store.

After optin, visitors are offered an ‘impulse purchase.’ This is a lower cost offer designed to turn as many of the new subscribers into buyers as possible. We’ve priced this item from a low of $1 up to $49.95 depending on the market and the offer.

After purchase, they’re immediately offered at least one upsell. Often there are two upsells, and they’re both related back to the initial purchase with additional benefits.

Buyers are also added to a customer list with a follow-up sequence for backend products.

This is the common funnel you hear talked about online…and it’s worth focusing on each step in the ladder for a new customer.

The goal is to buy customers at a discount on the front-end for all the ongoing profits on the backend.

There’s a 2nd kind of funnel we more often use when selling business-to-business.

Instead of all the steps, we skip right to a higher ticket sale.

You go for the optin which is often a free webinar or a recorded video presentation.

Then you go either directly for the sale (often the case for products around the $1,000 price point) or for a discovery phone call (often used for offers at $2,500+).

The phone consultation can be either free (for maximum leads) or a refundable low cost consultation where you want to better qualify the leads.

In these higher ticket funnels, you’d focus your attention on getting maximum optins, producing a good content + proof rich presentation, and using consultative selling over the phone.

Which type of funnel is right for you?

It depends on your audience and your offer.

Either strategy will require you to get to know your audience and your competition.

And they require you to put together a funnel that enters the conversation already going on in the head of your prospect.

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