In my last email I talked about how it’s not new, never-before-seen tricks that will revolutionize your business online.

Instead, it’s getting your foundation right.

The foundation of a one story residential home is quite different from a 50 story high rise apartment building.

You can’t just take the one story home and start adding new floors.

That may work for a ‘little growth’ but a collapse is coming soon.

Instead you need to dig all the way to the foundation.

Today we’re covering a 2nd major foundation that works right alongside your funnel.

It’s your USP (Unique Selling Position).

What do you do better than ANYONE else in your market?

Who can help you better than ANYONE else in your market?

Today is the day of the specialist.

Your customers can choose to do business with anyone. Why should they do business with you?

As a small or home based business, it’s tough to compete against huge companies for a large market.

Instead, what I recommend is starting out by choosing a broad market. These include subjects such as health and fitness, relationships, make money, etc.

But all of those overall topics are too generic.

Go deeper in the market. So if you were going for health and fitness, maybe you’d choose weight loss.

Could you become #1 in weight loss?

Honestly, probably not.

So let’s keep digging.

What about weight loss for men?

Could you be #1 here?

Maybe, but what if we went just a little deeper?

What about weight loss for men over 50?

Could you become #1 in a specialized market like this?

I haven’t researched this market in depth, but now we’re getting somewhere.

Once you’ve chosen an audience you can specialize in…now research what they’re interested in.

This could include scanning Amazon reviews, searching tweets, participating in social media groups and forums, reviewing competitors, picking up industry magazines, etc.

Answer these 3 questions…

#1 – What does the customer want most?

#2 – What is the competition currently offering?

#3 – What can you do better than anyone else at fulfilling the customer’s desires?

Once you’ve answered these questions about your specialized market, you’re ready to carve out your niche audience.

What if you’re an affiliate who sells other people’s products/services? Can you still have a USP?

You definitely can and must in today’s world if you want to multiply your results online.

Go through the system above to narrow down your market to a very specific customer.

Then ask yourself the same 3 questions.

In your situation, you may decide #3 is more focused around the content you can deliver.

How can you deliver better content and personal connection than the competition to build your website and email list as the authority in your marketplace?

Whether you’re selling products, services, or an affiliate for other people’s products, you still need to claim your position in the market.

Just being “good enough” simply isn’t good enough online in 2014.

Instead, you need to find where you can be #1.

And if you’re serious about claiming that position, you need to join a community of like-minded individuals at

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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