What if you could only master one aspect of online business?
What would you choose?
Think carefully before you answer.
Because the truth is we all have limited time available.
You can’t do everything.
Overwhelm is everywhere.  Distractions tempt you constantly online.  And it’s easy to be pulled in a thousand different directions.
There are a LOT of activities you can outsource in your business such as customer service, content creation, tech support, etc.
But you have to focus on sales and marketing.
Yes, you can outsource parts of the marketing and you can definitely bring in advisers to help you, but every successful entrepreneur is responsible for sales.
You can’t ignore selling.
We try to use any other word in place of it such as content, communication, or even marketing.
Business opportunities almost always claim, “No Selling Required.”
But in the end, no entrepreneur is paid until something is sold.
If you want to attract wealth in the online world, you have to master sales.
Frankly, if you have emotional hang-ups about sales and marketing, don’t “like” it, are convinced you aren’t good at it, and refuse to hunker down and get good at it, I just don’t have much hope for you when it comes to wealth attraction.”
– Dan Kennedy
It’s not as sexy as the new Internet flavor of the month.
But this one skill can determine your success or failure online.
Nothing else will have this much effect on your long-term income.
I’m so glad that I was attracted to direct response marketing principles 18 years old ago when I first started.
It helped me succeed quickly…and it’s kept me profitable for close to two decades now.
Hopefully you’re not avoiding the most important entrepreneur skillset.
Instead, you must embrace it.
Improving the number of sales coming in from your leads MULTIPLIES everything else you’re doing.
How are you improving your sales skills this week?
Join me on this journey in the Monthly Mentor Club.
Each month I share step-by-step secrets to earning more, working less, and enjoying life.
You won’t find these systems anywhere else in such an easy to follow manner.
In addition to the monthly print newsletter, you also get access to a monthly webinar (happening this Friday on the 18th), and a members-only discussion group of other passionate marketers.
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You have nothing to lose…and possibly a new life to gain.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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