Marketing and sales are essential for your business.

Of course, this means you have to share a message that stands out in your marketplace.

But the most valuable skill for selling more of your products and services is not how much you say.

It’s how well you listen.

We live in a dream age for marketers.

Everywhere you turn people are sharing their personal feedback.

You can go to review sites such as Amazon and see exactly what customers think about products and services in your niche.

They’ll tell you what they like…and what they’re missing.

You can view customer conversations taking place on forums, Facebook, and Linkedin groups.

Popular blog posts are filled with comments from real readers.

And Twitter is basically where people go around shouting everything that’s going on in their heads 24-7.

It’s scary how much people share openly today!

In addition, you can simply ask your customers what they want to buy.

Every entrepreneur I know has more ideas than they have time to complete them.

You have to pick and choose which ideas are best for your audience and business.

Instead of charging ahead and wasting time on every idea, take a step back and ask your customers what they want to buy.

Just a few weeks back I sent out a survey to my subscribers asking what was most important about an upcoming business coach certification program.

Behind the scenes, I also ran a similar test through paid Facebook ads to get additional feedback and information.

Don’t underestimate the value of customers telling you what they want to buy…and telling you why it’s important to them.

This information tells you what to create. And it gives you the words to use when you sell it.

When is the last time you ran a survey to audience to find out what was most important to them?

Or even better…when was the last time you spoke to customers in person or over the phone?

That’s a hidden benefit I receive from one-on-one coaching.

My best clients are telling them every week about the obstacles they’re running into and how I can best help them.

No guessing required.

Many of my Monthly Mentor Club members have often told me how it seems like I can read their mind when writing the issue for that month. It’s one of the exact problems they were experiencing!

This happens because the issues are written based out of real obstacles I’m helping clients overcome.

The Internet revolution has made it much easier to share your message with the world.

But it’s not about creating your own monologue.

Instead, find ways to engage your audience in a dialogue.

Listen. Really listen to what they’re saying.

Listening is the #1 forgotten skill in the Internet age…and it’s never been more valuable.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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