facebooksearchFacebook advertising is incredible!

You can target the precise interests and demographics of your customers. For example, let’s say your best customer lives in California, is a male 40 to 55, and reads Golf Digest magazine.

You’d target “Golf Digest” as a precise interest, choose “California” as the state, and only advertise to men age 40 to 55.

Now you can write ads and use images that appeal to your bulls-eye customer.

I talked all about Facebook advertising in the October issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s too late for the print issue, but you can still download the PDF inside the membership area.

Today I want to give you an insider secret for NEVER running out of precise interests to target.

Just use Facebook Graph Search.

Login to your Facebook account.

See that little search box at the top of your screen? Good. It’s the key to all the precise interests you need.

Type this in the search box:

Pages liked by people who like PAGE NAME

Their dropdown menus will give you suggestions once you start typing.

You could put your Facebook page where I have PAGE NAME, and find out the other pages your fans also like. All those other pages are potential interests to target.

You could also put someone else’s page name there to find out who else their fans like.

Let’s say we did our ad targeting “Golf Digest Magazine” and it was a success. Here’s the search phrase we’d put in the box.

Pages liked by people who like Golf Digest Magazine

I see pages like PGA TOUR, PGA.com, Masters Tournament, etc. This is a whole list of precise interests I can now test for my ads.

Oh, it gets better.

Try this search:

Pages liked by people who like PAGE NAME and PAGE NAME

Pages liked by people who like Golf Digest Magazine and Bubba Watson

By using two pages, now we’re making our targeting more accurate.

Or you can change the search phrase to something like this…

Favorite interests of people who like Golf Digest Magazine

You can also use the demographics you know about your audience…

Pages liked by men over 40 years old who like Golf Digest Magazine

Here’s another type of search that also targets a profession…

Pages liked by marketers who like Tim Ferriss

And of course you can do combination searches for any of these.

Pages liked by men over 40 years old who like Golf Digest Magazine and Bubba Watson

By now your mind should be overflowing with ideas on how you can precisely target your customers on Facebook.

Play with Facebook’s graph search features and you’ll see you can also find out what movies your targets like, what places they visit, what restaurants they prefer, etc.

Check out the October Facebook PDF available inside the Monthly Mentor Club for tips on writing ads, what types of images to you, how to bid, and more…


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