thenerdSometimes I think back to high school…

Oh the horror!

What’s the #1 priority for many teenagers?

Just fitting in.

I never did fit in, but I remember the feeling. You bought the same clothes others were wearing. You went to the same movies. You talked about whatever useless topic was popular at the time.

I hid my nerdy tendencies and personality as best I could…all trying to fit in.

Fast forward to internet business.

This is NOT high school.

Your goal online is not to fit in. Instead, it’s to stand out.

My audience is made up of small businesses. We don’t need to please or even reach a mass audience. Instead, we simply need to attract those passionate about what we do.

It’s OK to be weird.

Others didn’t understand when I bought that first PC and spent all my time in the room learning how to start a business online. It was weird!

Focusing on improving website conversion, creating funnels that work, and building long-term relationships with email is weird.

Living the Internet Lifestyle itself is weird…when the majority of the world gets up and goes into a job they hate (if they have a job at all).

Look at those who have the most financial wealth.

They’re a little weird. Let’s take Warren Buffet. He is way past ‘normal retirement age,’ has so much money he could never spend it all, and is still working at 83.

He obviously loves what he does too much to quit.

That’s weird!

Why do you want to be weird?

Because your other option is average.

There’s a cliché that started ways back in the 70’s, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”

Nobody got fired for making the safe pick.

But they also didn’t get noticed.

That’s the mistake many make online today. They play it too safe.

They try to appeal to everyone who visits their site.

Everyone doesn’t matter. Only your potential customers do. Let’s say you have a wildly successful conversion rate and 10% of your visitors are buying!

That means 90% of your visitors don’t count.

You’re not writing to them.

When you publish a free email list, over half of your subscribers will never buy.

Some will unsubscribe. Some might even get their upset With you.

They weren’t your audience anyway.

Celebrate your uniqueness.

This applies to your writing or any other type of content you produce.

It also relates to your products and services. Why do they stand out from the competition?

Your offer isn’t even right for everyone. Who is your perfect target customer…and how do they identify with you?

Sometimes it’s easier to think of this in reverse.

Which customers are currently buying in your market that shouldn’t buy from you?

For example, if someone is simply looking for a point-and-click-business-in-a-box, I’m NOT their guy.

There are thousands of bizopp sellers out there eagerly clamoring for your cash.

It’s popular, because everyone would love it if there was a money button they could just click as often as they want.

I’d love that. But my readers are smarter than that.

You know it takes hard work to succeed online.

It takes right information, consistent implementation, and often stepping out of your comfort zone.

Average just isn’t good enough.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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