Get Rich SlowlyGurus sell hope.

Hope for a better life, a way to get out of your job, and to have money to do the things you want to do.

And that hope is real. Many people have used the internet to totally tranform their lives. I’m one of them.

I went from delivering pizzas for a living…to build a successful online business….to retiring at 30 to take time off…back to coaching other entrepreneurs how they can do it.

And there are thousands like me.

But the biggest hindrance to someone getting started is a “get rich quick” mentality.

It doesn’t exist.

You can’t get started one day and earn thousands of dollars the next weekend. It doesn’t work like that. And the stories that say this often leave an important details out (like previous business experience or unique connections with list owners).

But what can people do…they can get rich SLOWLY.

That means it takes time. It takes goals. It takes focus. And it takes a willingness to work your butt off to make it happen.

We’re not talking hard labor. It’s not digging a ditch in the heat of summer or carrying furniture up stairs. It’s actually more difficult to that.

It requires you to THINK. Instead of exercising your body, you have to exercise your mind…something the current school system doesn’t really teach us anymore.

You have to experience a little overwhelm. You have to get over the frustration. And you have to force yourself to ignore all the shiny objects going on around while you focus on 80/20 rule of what’s most important.

1. Find an Intersection of Passion and Profits

Do you have to absolutely love everything you do? Nope. I’ve seen many people who were successful without an overwhelming passion for the subject.

What you must have is a CURIOSITY towards the subject. You must want to learn more. You must want to share what learn with others. And you must develop a real CARING attitude towards the customers you’ll serve.

Experience a real empahty for those you can help.

At the same time it must be at the intersection of passion and profits. The people you’ll serve must have the money to pay for what you’ll offer.

Otherwise you’re creating a charity, not a business. There are a lot of bloggers who run a charity instead of a business. Nothing wrong with that as long as you understand that’s what you’re doing and you have another way to support yourself financially.

2. Share a unique message.

What myths predominate in your market? Can you go an opposite direction from the majority?

And do you have the fortitude to keep saying the truth even when all the competition is going the wrong way?

It’s tough to ever build a strong presence in the market if you’re simply a parrot of what everyone else is saying.

So what’s your message? And how is it unique to whatever else is out there?

3. Figure out ways to serve all 3 types of customers in that market.

Some customers simply want how-to information. Others want support to make it happen. The third group just wants to hire someone else to do it for them.

I’ve looked at client’s markets recently where the business model they wanted to follow wouldn’t work on its own.

They wanted to do paid advertising selling just an ebook. OK. The problem was that all the advertising expenses suggested they would at best break even from the ebook sales…perhaps lose money off of it while building a list.

This means adding additional offers wasn’t just a suggestion…it was a requirement to play the game in that market.

Look at the top competitors in your field. What all do they offer, and what might you have to offer to stay competitive in that marketplace?

4. Continually test different forms of marketing.

If your business is only based on Google Adwords, and you get slapped out of their system, you’re in trouble. It’s not a question of if really anymore. It’s a question of when.

What other forms of marketing are you using? This rule applies to seo, articles, videos, etc. The Internet keeps growing and changing. What we see 3 years from now could be a completely different online world.

Are you adapting and continually testing new approaches to make sure you stay with it…and keep growing your business in spite of everything else that is going on around you?

5. Work your butt off to design a lifestyle you love.

Build a plan to grow your online business. Then work it. Ignore all the distractions. That’s a daily war for many people – keeping their mind on the business building plans instead of the shiny new activity.

It takes time to develop an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you.

You have to be willing to pay your dues and put in the time. You may have to spend time studying how to write…or shoot a video. You may have to figure out how to put together a good product review. You’ll have to learn and grow as I mentioned at the beginning.

Change is never easy…especially when it’s changes that happen inside yourself.

But it’s worth it. It’s all worth it once you can design the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. The dream is real…and it’s worth it.

It just takes more work and effort than what you’ve been told in the past. You have to be willing to pay the price. Nothing great in life comes without a price. Are you willing to do what it takes?

If so, check out the Information Empire Truthprints which covers the step-by-step system to building an online info product business. It covers choosing your market, creating your products, making sales, generating traffic, and more. It’s a simple step-by-step system to getting started online…without all the hype.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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