Here is a question I received by email this past week…

Do you know of real cases of ordinary people who made it from absolutely nothing or even living a life of poverty to really making it big and living a very comfortable life as a result of internet marketing? I’ve read many of such cases, but never really know if they’re real or not…”

Yes.  I’m one of them.

In 1996, I really was delivering pizzas for Little Caesars for $8 an hour.  My wife and I were over $50,000 in debt.

There was around 20k in debt on a minivan (which we were behind on payments).  The rest were credit cards.  We often borrowed from one credit card just to make the minimum payments on others.

Creditors were constantly calling us.  There was never any peace.  It was a nightmare.

It’s tough to understand what that feels like unless you’ve been there.

We would have had to declare bankruptcy if I hadn’t discovered the internet.  We had a Best Buy credit card which I had never used.  Buying my first PC to get started online is the ONLY smart debt I ever created.

It took a couple of years to get out of debt completely, but getting to where we could pay the bills happened quickly.

Of course, my story is NOT normal by any means.

My experience has been most people struggle online for years before they hit a breakthrough.

You may not believe me.  If you don’t, I understand.

There are a LOT of fake stories out there and it’s tough to know what to believe.

Even though I lived it myself, I don’t believe most of the rags-to-riches stories online!

I have several friends and clients who went from “below 0” to a successful life.  After all the things I’ve seen, those are the only ones I fully trust anymore.

If you’re in a bad position right now, you have a few additional hurdles to overcome compared to someone who has financial advantages.  But you can still make it happen.

Your first hurdle is going to be mindset issues.

Can you really do it?  Are you worth it?  What if it is all an illusion?  What if it doesn’t work for me?

It’s going to be a constant battle at first to convince yourself you can really do this.

You’ll have multiple opportunities to give up.  You have to stay committed to your vision in the face of the inevitable failures everyone faces.

Your own thinking patterns will be your worst enemy.

Even those starting at a higher level face battles with their own inner demons.

Of course you also have the secondary issue of limited finances.  If you allow it, this will make you susceptible to promises of fast money.  That’s always the wrong path.

There are a few required expenses for any business including a web host and autoresponder.  You have to come up with the money for those.

You won’t be able to hire a coach, so you don’t get the benefit of experience beside you.

This puts you at a disadvantage, but it doesn’t put you out of the game.

Ignore the hype.  Keep your day job.  Cut your lifestyle expenses to the bone.

And work like a crazy person to build something you own.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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