I help a limited number of clients one-on-one.

This gives me a view behind the scenes of multiple 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses in wildly different markets.

It also gives me a front row seat inside the minds of million dollar marketers.

What separates those 7 figure business owners from the rest?  What do they do differently?

Here are 5 quickie glimpses into what they do…

1.       Implementation

Of course they take action.  But it goes further than this.

They’re implementation focused instead of information focused.  Most marketers are gluttons for information…consuming as much from as many different sources as they can.

Not these millionaires.

They’re much more focused on only the best training relevant to their current growth.  And they’re paying premium pricing to access coaches who provide specific advice on their situation.   Yes, I said “coaches” as they often have other coaches in addition to me.

They’re willing to invest the money to get actionable advice in the most concise manner.

2.       Speed

Money loves speed.

Their businesses are built to take action quickly.

They put out new products and services at a faster rate than the competition.

Everyone underestimates their customer’s ability to consume new products.

It’s these clients who are most likely to have their own “launch” calendar already prepared for the next 6 to 12 months in advance.

They’re also putting more pages to test, trying out new sources of advertising, and running regular specials to their lists.

3.       Simplicity

While they’re organized and constantly have something new coming out, they also keep it simple.

For example, let’s take the “information product” developers who’ve reached this level.

They don’t build “do-everything” membership sites with videos, interviews, written texts, live support, and everything else under the kitchen sink.

Instead they focus on only what customers want…such as live Q&A webinars (which they also record and load into the site).  Or they provide audio interviews (with transcripts also made).  Or they add a new training video weekly.

4.       Sales Skills

Beginners often unsubscribe from a list for even suggesting they have to “sell.”

Did you hear that sound?  There go some unsubscribes right now because I mentioned the word.

You don’t get to even the 6 figure level without selling.

Those who move past here have become masters at sales.

Even when they hire a copywriter to do the work, they have the ability to do it themselves.

Like it or not, an entrepreneur is a salesperson.

5.       Team Building

It’s possible to run a one-man show up to 6 figures, but you won’t get past here without support.

Getting support sooner is even better for your sanity!

They have webmasters they can hand the technical work over to.

They have copywriters who can write for them.

They have content creators for articles and blog posts.

They bring in coaches to help provide direction.

My coaching program has been booked up since the beginning of the year, but I’m planning on a few openings either the first or second week of July.

If you’re considering a coach to help you get focused and move to the next level in your online business, register for my waiting list here:


You’ll be notified the moment spaces are available in early July.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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