What if there was one formula behind the profits of 80% or more of small businesses online?

What if this formula had been successfully applied in virtually every industry by both large corporations and solopreneurs working from their kitchen table?

It’s the formula I discovered way back in 1996.

And it’s still the key to all my online profits.

At its core, it only has 3 steps.

Step 1: Target buying traffic.

Step 2: Get them on a list.

Step 3: Send offers.

There are all kinds of ways you can complicate this, but it always comes back to these 3 steps.

Add all kinds of components on top of this formula as long as you don’t forget the basics.

Find buyers.

Get them on a list.

Send offers.

Rinse and repeat.  Find another source of buyers.  Get those on your list.  Send more offers.

That’s online business in a nutshell.

Maybe you’re a natural health blogger and running guest posts to get visitors to your site.  Once they’re on your blog, your #1 priority is getting them on your list.  You “bribe” them with a free PDF report about the 7 deadly food groups.

After they join your list, you send a mix in personality, contrarian content, and offers to sell your collection of ebooks and natural health products.

Or maybe you contact buyers through Facebook.  You’re adding posts your Facebook page, running ads, and participating in groups.  Your “bribe” is a webinar your audience can register for.  When they register, they’re added to your email list.

You remind them about the webinar, make an offer during the webinar, and continue to follow-up.  You send offers for other webinars.  You add to the sequence.  You also pour more buyers into the funnel, get them on your list, and send offers.

Maybe you think you’re the exception to this rule?

Your visitors buy immediately upon visiting your website instead of subscribing to a list.   That’s great!  It doesn’t change anything.  If you’re smart, you’re adding all your buyers to a list.  And you’re sending them more offers.

You have a smaller list, but it’s more valuable on a per email basis.

Those 3 steps have created my profits for over 17 years.

They set me free from a life of dead-end jobs.

They gave me financial freedom.

Find buyers.

Get them on a list.

Send offers.

You may say, “I tried that, and it didn’t work for me.”

If you failed, one of the 3 components was out of place.

It could be the people you targeted weren’t buyers.

If the fish aren’t biting, you need to find a new location to fish.

If guest blogging doesn’t work, try Facebook ads.

If Facebook ads don’t work, try Adwords.

If Adwords doesn’t work, try PPV.

If visitors aren’t joining your list, your bait may not be exciting.

Invest more time in getting to know their most desperate problems and desires.

Look at what your most successful competitors are doing.

Offer them bait they’re searching for.

If your list isn’t responding to your offers, either you’re not holding their attention…or your offers stink.

There is a formula for keeping the attention of your list and turning them into rabid buyers.

I’ll be sharing more on how to deliver these kinds of emails the next couple of weeks.

It definitely isn’t about sending out “more content.”

Your prospects are already overwhelmed with great content.

There’s a ‘secret recipe’ every successful email marketer is using…even if they can’t explain it.

I’ll be sharing more in the next few emails.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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