I’ve been running a survey on my blog for the past couple of months.

It has one simple question.

“Which subject would benefit you most?”

The #1 most requested subject is a CLEAR winner.  You could add up EVERY other response in the survey and it still doesn’t equal the number of responses for #1.

Second place is a dead heat between social media marketing, copywriting, media buying, and video marketing.

The winner is “email marketing.”

My visitors are smart cookies.

As I mentioned in my last email, this 3 step formula has been the secret of my success.

Step 1: Target buying traffic.

Step 2: Get them on a list.

Step 3: Send offers.

The biggest complaint I hear from subscribers is their list isn’t opening emails.  They’re not clicking on offers.  And they’re not buying.

If that’s your experience, you’re not alone.

These problems are rampant.

What causes them?  It could be a break down in any of the 3 steps.

If you’re targeting freebie seekers, it doesn’t matter how many you get on your list.

An example of this are solo ads in the “internet marketing niche.”

They worked like crazy for building a list of buyers just one year ago.  And they’re still working in almost every niche my clients and I have tested….except the “internet marketing niche.”

There are hundreds of solo ad sellers in this market passing the same group of freebie seekers from list to list now.

Whenever the formula breaks down, look at the source of traffic FIRST.

Next is how you’re getting them on your list.

Is your bribe enticing?

Is it high quality?

Does it answer your audience’s desperate problem?

And does this bribe demonstrate your expertise, credibility, and value?

You’re setting their expectations and opinion of you with this first impression.

Too many email marketers promise a 7 course meal and deliver a cold bologna sandwich in their free gift.

Is it any surprise their subscribers lose interest immediately?

If you’ve done that, it doesn’t even matter what you send later in the sequence.

You’ve already lost them.

Next up are the emails you send.

There are two camps full of failed email marketers.

Camp Failure #1 is littered with those who believe the mantra, “Content is King.”

Content used to be king.

Today your prospects are overwhelmed with content.

They can’t even remember the content they read yesterday.

Any professional speaker knows this fact.

Your audience may rave about the content, but they won’t remember it.

Quiz them only an hour later.  They won’t remember the content.

They remember the stories you told.

They remember how you made them feel.

Camp Failure #2 has jumped on the Benefit bandwagon.

They learned basic copywriting and know people buy based on benefits, not features.

They load their emails with benefits and reasons to buy now.

But their subscribers still lose interest.

You’ll sell more with email with LESS benefits.

What’s the recipe if it’s not content and it’s not benefits?

I’m not going to give away the complete ‘secret recipe’ here.

But here’s a clue.

It all comes back to how you make your subscribers feel about themselves.

I’m releasing a brand new email marketing course within the next few weeks.

It’s going to contain all my most cherished email secrets from the past 17 years…plus new strategies I’ve learned just this past year.

Creating order producing emails is about to become easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Email set me free from my dead-end pizza delivery job in 1996.  It created financial freedom for me.  And it has made me known around the world.

You won’t want to miss what is coming next…

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.