Target buying traffic. Get them on a list. Make offers.

That’s the simplest internet formula.

But what are you using as “BAIT” to get them on your list?

When I first started online, I used the old classic, “Join my newsletter…”

It didn’t take me long to figure out it wasn’t working. Nobody wakes up in the middle of the night wishing they were on more email lists.

I mean seriously, when’s the last time you said, “If only there were more email lists to join!”

Coming up with a good freebie for joining your list will double your subscribe rate…bare minimum.

And you’re much more likely to see a 300% jump or higher.

It all comes back to attraction. What is your target buyer looking for?

What problem are they trying to solve?

And how can you present a uniquely valuable solution to that problem?

Here are a few of the freebies I’ve used:

Free Report: “Internet Lifestyle Manifesto: Living Life On Your Terms in the Internet Age”

Free Report: “10 Key Strategies for Any Business Owner to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life…Without Compromising Your Values”

Free Audio Interview: Overcoming Roadblocks ot Your Internet Lifestyle

My current one is a free past copy of my $29.95 paid monthly newsletter called, “7 Unique Ways to Write Emails That Double Profits Today!”

The title itself is one of the benefits my audience is looking for…multiple ways to double profits with email.

All of these were designed to attract the type of customer I was looking for.

It doesn’t matter what type of gift you’re giving away.

It could be a free report, mp3 audio, video, cheat sheet, ecourse, or even a discount coupon.

No matter what the gift, you want it to lead subscribers toward one of your offers.

Yes, you’re delivering valuable information…but there is more going on behind the scenes.

It’s a teaser for whatever else you have to offer.

A software company will often give a trial version or limited version of the software they sell.

An ecommerce company provides a coupon for a discount off their products.

A service company teaches the ‘hard way’ of doing a project…with hiring them being the easier way.

In an information and coaching business, one of my goals it to get prospects looking at their ‘desperate problem’ in a new way.

Most of the time, people don’t understand the ‘root cause’ behind the problems they’re suffering.

If you’re the wizard who finally gives them the correct diagnosis of the desperate problem plaguing them…it sets you apart from everyone else in your market.

You can then share your product or service as the solution to that problem.

For example, you constantly hear the mantra online, “Content is King.”

But you may have noticed that delivering content to your list alone just isn’t enough.

You can deliver the best free content available…and people still don’t buy.

It takes more than content. It takes a connection.

That’s why my Autoresponder Alchemy course is designed to show you step-by-step how to produce a greater income from your current
list…and use that as a springboard to grow your list quickly.

I’ve broken down my proven emails into templates you can model to create profitble email follow-up sequences here.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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