Our tale of two internet business owners continues.

You’ll remember from our last email that Bob and Joe were similar in almost every way. They started online at the same time and they both took action.

Joe took instant action. He took so much action he was like a chicken with his head cut off. He tried every traffic strategy promoted by the gurus, but sadly he met failure after failure.

Bob was a success. He was similar to the tortoise in that he was slower to take action, but it was more focused. His success started off slow, but it quickly grew until he was full-time online.

Joe jumped feet first into dozens of traffic techniques recommended by the gurus, but it always had a frustrating ending for him.

Bob moved slower and spent time getting to know his audience. He was able to speak to their hearts, their desperate problems, and their hidden dreams.

But that was only the beginning.

Joe’s 2nd mistake was just as devastating to his online business.

Joe loved shortcuts. Don’t we all?

Joe joined a few affiliate programs…and also purchased reprint rights to several ‘good’ products.

Nothing wrong so far.

It was what he did next that guaranteed his long-term failure.

He copied and pasted the articles and emails provided to him by the companies he worked with.

It made sense. They gave him the rights to do this.

And he didn’t feel he was a ‘writer’ anyway.

Obviously whatever they provided to him would be better than what he could throw together.

Joe never stood a chance.

The problem with blindly copying what others have written is it loses all personality.

It doesn’t contain your unique voice.

It doesn’t connect you with your audience.

The power of email is not just in instant sales surges.

It’s the long-term relationship that is created.

Your readers begin to know, like, and trust you.

Then they buy. And they keep buying.

Bob took a different route. Yes, it took a little mental effort on his part.

Instead of copying successful emails, he simply used them as ‘models.’

They were guides to help him find his own voice and message.

He replaced their stories with his own.

His subscribers bought. But what was even more valuable were the relationships that starting growing with his subscribers.

Joe’s list never got to know him, because he hid behind other people’s words.

Bob’s list formed a tight relationship with him, because he used proven models to share his own message and story.

And his emails were based on what he already discovered about his audience.

He was able to speak from his heart to their heart instead of just sharing the same free content they could get anywhere.

That’s what week 3 of Autoresponder Alchemy will do for you.

You’ll discover how to take the hidden secrets you find out about your audience in week 2 and turn it into a premium brand in your marketplace.

Many business owners are being crushed by competitors and falling prices in their market.

This series of FUN exercises will uncover your uniqueness and your message that fits the marketplace.

It’s your choice whether you’ll continue to struggle with a Joe like existence, or you’ll take the simple steps needed to follow in Bob’s footsteps.



Disclaimer: The names Bob and Joe are based on the true stories of a collection of people I have worked with in the past. They do not refer to two specific individuals who go by those exact names.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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