A few questions came in last week about selling infoproducts online.

Here’s a great two-part question…

“How difficult is it to create and build programs people buy?
And how much does copywriting play a role in it?”

One of the biggest mistakes both beginners and experienced people make is creating a product just because they think it is a good idea.

If you want to create an infoproduct that sells, start by identifying a hungry, buying audience.

Who are they and what are they already buying?

How do they feel about the current solutions?

And how can you take advantage of a gap in the marketplace?

Before diving into a product that may or may not sell…invest a few hours researching the market and reverse engineering the competition.

Then, if you have a list or a low-cost source of traffic (even a little paid traffic), do a quick survey to see what people want to buy.

Notice there are two components here.

  1. Ask them what they want.
  2. Review what they’re already buying.

If you rely on a survey alone, it can ‘trick’ you. You need to not only listen to what people say they want, but watch what they’re already buying. They don’t always do what they say.

My systems incorporate both of these aspects into the product creation.

What about the second question…is copywriting important?


In fact, you should create a basic outline or rough draft of what your sales message will look like BEFORE you create the product.

This keeps you customer focused.

You’re thinking about ‘What’s In It For Them’ during the entire process.

That’s much more effective than creating a product and then trying to figure out how to sell it.

But here’s the good news.

Creating ‘good enough’ copy isn’t as tough as people make it out to be.

It relies on understanding the audience and following a proven formula to communicate a benefit-rich message to them.

It’s about connecting to the story that is already going on in their head.

What about creating the product itself?

That depends on what you’re putting together.

I’ve created a simple infoproduct in just a few hours…and I’ve also created massive courses that took months to outline, shoot, and put together.

My recommendation for those starting out is to keep it simple.

You’ll be tempted to overdo it and create perfection.


Get it done and in the market.

Create an even better version in the future.

My Internet Lifestyle System takes you through a step-by-step system for identifying a market, researching your audience, writing the copy, creating your product, and putting together a funnel that consistently attracts new buyers.

Find out more here…

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