There is a lot of discussion about side hustles recently.

Essentially a side hustle is something you do to earn income apart from your job.

Uber, walking dogs, house sitters, design work, selling products on eBay, creating crafts for etsy, and so on.

My favorite ‘side hustle’ is selling info products online.

This includes book, ebooks, audios, video courses, membership sites, print newsletters, apps, coaching programs, and more.

It started as a side hustle for me back when I was delivering pizzas for a living, but the income quickly replaced my job.

And I’ve never looked back.

Why do I recommend this business so highly…and so frequently?

You can work from home.

If you’re an introvert, you could focus on products you create on your own. If you love the interaction with others, you can create coaching groups instead.

You have low overhead.

You only need a website, an autoresponder, and a way to process orders. Keeping expenses low is a big deal!

You have incredible margins.

Physical info products may have multiples of 5x to 10x. And digital products have miniscule costs (perhaps a few cents of bandwidth).

Infoproducts have a high perceived value

This is especially true if you combine a little personal support into the mix to create a coaching program.

Create products you’re passionate about.

Imagine spending the majority of your time on a topic where you’re continually learning and sharing more with your customers.

Competitors can become your best joint venture partners.

Customers don’t just buy one infoproduct on a subject they’re interested in. They buy multiple from different people.

You can create products on multiple topics.

You’re not limited to just one niche market. Yes, you should build deep first with multiple income streams, but you can also expand into other topics and audiences.

Of course, as with any business, there are negatives as well.

Too many gurus tell you all you have to do is slap together an ebook in a few hours…and money will come flooding in.


You have to find a hungry, buying audience.

You need systems that allow you to be prolific in the content you create.

And you need to write persuasive copy that sells your products.

Miss any of those 3 pieces, and your infobusiness isn’t going anywhere.

If this is something you might be interested in…and you’re willing to put in the effort to make it happen…check out the Internet Lifestyle System.

It will show you…

  • Choose a Red HOT Niche Market full of Hungry Info-Buying Addicts
  • 21 Ways to Create Six Figure+ Infoproducts
  • How to Package Your Big Idea into a Best-Selling Hook
  • Proven Methods for Attracting Loyal Customers and Creating Profitable Funnels
  • Grow Your Email List, Establish Your Authority, and Turn Visitors Into Buyers
  • Attract Quality Customers, Make Immediate Upsells, and Turn Them into Lifelong Customers
  • Setup Automated Delivery Systems, Deliver Digital Products, and Track Your Stats
  • How to Attract Cash-In Hand Buyers

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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