I’ve been hearing some AMAZING stories the past few weeks.

For example, one fitness coach was out of a job because the gyms were closed.

Instead of giving up, she moved online.

She started live virtual fitness classes through an online meeting room.

She used a landing page builder to create a simple sales page for her classes.

Then she posted the week’s schedule to her Facebook page.

Even though she charged half as much, her online classes were twice as profitable as her in-person ones.

And she is just one of many that are making a transition online.

I have a client who has been helping many fitness coaches change from a local business model to an internet lifestyle business.

And he has been doing it since well before recent events.

I love the model he takes them through, because it’s not just for fitness coaches.

Find a hungry, buying audience.

Sell them your expertise through consulting or coaching.

Yes, I’m recommending you sell hours for dollars…at least in the beginning.

Help your clients solve a Desperate Problem.

It could be losing weight or building muscle.

It could be building an email list.

It could be solving their dating problems.

It could be improving their career.

It could be getting their children into college.

Provide direct one-on-one support and advice to help them solve their problem.

Initially it doesn’t even matter how much you’re charging.

Because this is just the first step in the process.

Helping clients will help you refine your system.

Then turn your system into an online course.

It could be packaged as an ebook, video course, group coaching class, mobile app, etc.

Transition from selling hours for dollars to selling leveraged products for dollars.

You know the problems your buying audience is facing, because you’ve been personally speaking to them.

You also know your system works, because you’ve helped your clients overcome the problem.

And you’ve developed relationships that translate into testimonials.

I have a client who has been following this exact model. He has been coaching clients, and he recently told me how the client work surprised him and he learned a lot.

Get that. The coach learned a lot helping clients.

I’ve felt the same at times.

The next step will be putting together his high-ticket group class for ongoing and passive income.

What are you currently doing to earn an income from the knowledge you already have?

You could start with direct consulting…and then quickly transition into products.

Or I’ve also had clients that went straight into online courses…No direct client contact needed.

Either way…

Imagine working once and getting paid on it forever.

Find out more in the Internet Lifestyle System…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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