I want to thank everyone who participated in the online and information marketing survey last week.

There was a problem with one of the links in the email I sent, and I apologize if you had trouble getting to the survey.

The information provided will help shape the content I’ll be providing in upcoming emails and videos…and will also guide me in a few products coming out in the near future.

There were a ton of insightful questions and observations made. And I want to answer one of the questions today…

What has changed in the marketing of information in the last 10 years? Is it as easy now to sell information as it used to be, or has the landscape changed to the point where more information has to be given away for free, thereby reducing the value of information as a whole?

I’ve been doing this for close to two decades, and YES, there have been a lot of changes during that time.

The biggest change is increased competition.

You’re not going to find a ‘wide open’ market for information in any niche today.

Whatever idea you had for an information product, the odds are someone is already doing it.

You also have increased competition from Amazon and sites such as Udemy and Coursera.

And that’s not counting all the free content available on blogs, social media, and Youtube.

In addition, it’s so much easier to start a business online today than it used to be. You could take credit cards through Paypal in minutes.  There are numerous easy tools such as WordPress to set-up websites without tech skills.

You have millions of people sending out free content today that would have never been in business years ago.

But all this free content can actually give you an ADVANTAGE in the marketplace if you know what you’re doing.

Because there is so much information available for free, your future customers are overwhelmed.

You’ve seen me use that word a lot, because I hear it constantly from new clients. They’re not only referring to themselves and all the options available in an online business, but they’re referring to their customers also.

There is so much information coming at us all the time that it’s a good bet your customers are overwhelmed by it.

That means they’re looking for someone they can connect to. They want to plug into an expert they can rely on for guidance.

You need to position yourself as an authority on your subject. That comes from providing content, but it doesn’t mean just throwing content out into the marketplace. That’s what everyone else is doing.

Instead, it means you first become a specialist. You find a niche inside of a larger market. For example, I have multiple clients who offer weight loss products. Each of them has a specific niche in that market of who they speak to. In weight loss you can niche by age, gender, goals, diet (paleo, vegan, glutten-free, etc.).

Carve out your niche inside the market. Then claim your authority by producing contrarian content that’s not just another me-too voice saying the same thing as everyone else.

Becoming an authority in a niche inside of a larger market is the first key.

The 2nd key is not selling information at all.

You want to sell results.

If you’ve read a lot of my materials, you might say, “That’s obvious.”

Is it though? Does the average person out of those millions coming online know they need to sell results and not just another information product?

No. They’re asking questions like, “How do I get more people to visit my blog or buy my ebook?”

The truth is you need to understand your customer first. It’s about their problems and desires. It’s about solving their problems in a step-by-step manner.

Sure, there are hundreds of other products on your subject, but do they give them the exact steps to take to receive results?

And there is another aspect to ‘not selling information.’

Often people buy your offer for your bonuses, not the product itself.

An example of this is my Autoresponder Alchemy course. The information is exactly what you need if you want to build authority and sell more products and services through email.

But read my sales copy on that site. Where do I put the most emphasis?

The sales copy is more about the bonus than the product itself.

That’s because the product is information. The bonus is a tool which makes generating results much quicker and easier for the user.

Information marketing as a whole has changed a lot in the past 10 years.

If you try to be another me-too voice in a large market without establishing authority, it’s going to be tough.

But as my clients and I are proving, it is getting even better every year for those who know how to position themselves as an authority and sell what people are really buying…the end results.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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