The last email was about the importance of creating a clear vision for your online business.

It’s the fire that drives you.

It gives you the ability to stay focused when dozens of opportunities threaten to distract you.

It gives you the confidence to say “No” to projects that won’t move you forward.

It even gives you the fortitude to keep going even when you’re faced with obstacles.

You can tell who has a vision and who has ‘just been a wishin’ when adversity strikes.

You get hit with a Google slap.  Your main product stops selling.  Or you lose a key partner.

Their engine runs out of gas.

A vision gets you past this.  Your plans may have to change.  But you refuse to give up on where you’re going. It inspires you and those around you.

But a vision is only the first step.

This is a long-term goal.

Add to it step-by-step plans for the next 30 to 90 days.

If you’re going to have a million dollar business within the next 3 years, what do you need to accomplish within the next 90 days to be on your way there?

Work backwards.  Look at end goal and decide what needs to be accomplished on each step of the way.

Once you have that 90 day plan outlined, you can break it down further.

What will you do weekly and daily?

Your vision is the engine.

Your daily habits are the fuel.

You’re not going anywhere without fuel.

I use a simple, old-fashioned desk calendar.

But you can use any online calendar, software calendar, or app on your phone.

It doesn’t matter.

Each Friday I write the goals for next week.

I then break up my days into ‘blocks.’

There may be a 2-hour block for traffic generation where I work on optimizing one of my traffic campaigns.

Then there’s a block for conversion where I write new emails or sales copy.

Time is also scheduled for monetization where I’m adding a new upsell to one of my funnels or where I’m working on a future product.

Those are the 3 core elements.  At the end of each day it takes 5 minutes or less to judge how today was and if anything needs to be changed on the schedule for tomorrow.

You need a vision…and daily habits to get you there.

You likely DON’T need another traffic technique.

I know talking about ‘traffic loopholes’ is more exciting…and more sexy.

But this is where you turn the Internet Lifestyle into a reality in your life.

It’s one step at a time.

That’s why I’m covering creating your vision and the habits to get there in the November 1st issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

Maybe you’ve been overwhelmed?

Or you’ve been following all the systems…and you’re frustrated with a lack of results?

This may be your answer.

You’ll see how to put together an inspiring vision along with all the other instant bonuses you get immediately just for giving the Monthly Mentor Club a try.

But to get the November issue in the mail, you have to join today.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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