There’s a lot of talk about the Internet Lifestyle today.

People are searching for Freedom in their lives.

Everywhere you turn online, someone is promising you how ‘easy’ it is.

They say, “All you have to do is a get a website up, and people will beat a path to your door.”

You get the website up.  You publish a blog.  You join the affiliate program.

And you quickly realize it isn’t as easy as advertised.

It takes a whole lot of work.

Don’t discount how much time and effort it will take.

Oh, it’s worth it.

Every bit of it is worth it.  Freedom comes after you’ve gotten momentum behind you.

But here’s where many sabotage themselves.

It is about more than ‘hard work.’

It takes a vision.

Where are you going?

Just saying you want to make 100k a year online while working 4 hours a day isn’t a vision.

It’s just daydreaming if you’re thinking about a future without systematic plans to get there.

Find an audience you understand, connect with, and can easily target online.

Discover what they’re already spending money on.

Offer them a solution that better fits their proven desires and interests.

I talk about targeting bulls-eye buyers a lot.

But a vision goes beyond this.

It’s a longer term goal of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

It gives you clarity and focus.

The Internet is constantly changing.  There are new opportunities every day.  Your biggest enemies are distraction and overwhelm.

The cure for overwhelm is a clear vision and purpose.

Where will your business be in 3 years?

Who is your perfect target buyer?

What will you help them accomplish?

And what will be your personal role at that time?

I used to think this kind of stuff was fluff, until I took a step back and realized those who were most successful were already doing this…even if they didn’t officially put it down in writing.

You could hear their vision when they spoke.

They told you where they were going even if they weren’t 100% positive on all the steps to get there.

In fact, you get fired up when you get around people with a clear vision.

It’s like a fire in their belly.

They might not even be passionate about what they ‘do,’ but they’re passionate about where they’re going.

It attracts others to you.

And here’s where the benefits really come in.

You can judge whether to say “Yes” or “No” to new opportunities based on whether they move you closer to your vision.

You cast off the confusion by putting projects in order based on where you’re going.

It becomes clear where to spend your time.

That’s why you’re going to discover how to create a clear vision in November’s Monthly Mentor Club going to print on Nov 1st.

And I’m going to lead by example by showing you how I’ve put together a new vision that has gotten me fired up about business again.

All those traffic, conversion, and monetization techniques are great…but you have trouble getting any real momentum behind them without this missing link.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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