There was a delay on my upcoming course with Glenn Livingston, “Joint Venture Fast Track: How to Quickly Find Them, Set Them Up, and Profit Long Term.”

It won’t be released until at least the end of the month.

Things don’t always go exactly as planned, but we’re making sure to give you the complete system we’ve used to create evergreen joint ventures that continue to send us cash…for deals we set-up years ago.

There isn’t anything wrong with one-and-done JVs that put money in your pocket immediately.

We cover those too. They’re a great way to get started and get experience under your belt.

But the end goal is a business that spits out multiple streams of income consistently for years to come.

Joint ventures can be used to grow your business faster, with less risk, and very little money.

And here’s the biggie. You don’t need a list. Joint ventures are one of the fastest ways to GROW your list.

What you need is an idea…combined with action.

Here’s an example of a joint venture I helped 2 clients set-up together recently.

One client has a list of niche business owners. He already has a couple of jv partners who provide services to his list.

One of these jvs is already worth at least six figures to him yearly. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s over six figures yearly from just one of these partners.

Obviously he was looking for more deals like this.

I had another client who can provide web development, seo, and social media services.

That’s a perfect match. Now the list owner is promoting the web developer.

There isn’t any reciprocal promotion here. They’re can’t be. The web developer doesn’t have a list niche clients to share with him.

And the list owner is perfectly happy to get a monthly share of the income from all the new customers he refers to the web developer.

Of course, the web developer is now building a very targeted list of business owners from the free demo he offers them (which requires email registration).

This is the type of joint venture you’re looking for where both partners feel like they’re getting the best part of the deal.

The list owner has subscribers who want web services, but he doesn’t have the time nor the desire to provide those services. He adds a few emails to his system and gets monthly checks in return.

The web developer would have had to spend a fortune to generate the right kind of leads for his service. And now he is growing both a list and a business with money coming in every month.

Perhaps you don’t have a service you can provide. I understand. But you can offer something…

The mistake beginners make is they think big list owners want to promote another product about X.

They don’t want another me-too product. But they’re always looking for new content. They’re looking for unique ideas.
They’re looking for services their customers want. They’re looking for an attention grabbing story to tell.

You have something hidden right now in your brain that opens the door to joint ventures.

Soon I’ll show you step-by-step how to find it and get it out to the world in the upcoming, “Joint Venture Fast Track: How to Quickly Find Them, Set Them Up, and Profit Long Term.”

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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