It’s coming Friday February 28th at 8 AM Eastern.

“Joint Venture Fast Track: How to Quickly Find Them, Set Them Up, and Profit Long Term” is finished and ready for you with a special discount for those who take action quickly.

This product itself is a JV between Dr. Glenn Livingston and I. In it, we reveal how to use joint ventures to grow your email list, create new products, and make more money from your online business.

A few weeks ago I revealed one of the dirty little secrets about online marketing courses.

Did you catch it?

There are new ‘traffic courses’ being released all the time. The subject doesn’t matter. It could be about Facebook, Linkedin, Adwords, CPV, Youtube, SEO, Twitter, etc.

They teach you all these traffic methods, but they primarily sell their own course through joint ventures!

Do as they do instead of just doing what they say.

I have another little secret for you about paid advertising.

This is one of those truths no one likes to talk about.

I only realized this after working one-on-one with so many clients in both b2b and b2c niches.

Are you ready for the hardcore truth I’m about to share?

Here it is.

A lot of advertisers don’t make a penny selling their products from paid advertising.

That’s right.

Yet, they continue to run ads year-after-year at break-even.

Let’s choose Adwords. It’s a very competitive game today. In most markets, the price of advertising has risen to the point where you will spend every penny in profit on the ads themselves. And that’s after you’ve optimized the campaign.

Of course there are exceptions which do better than average. But I’ve seen a lot of campaigns…and many of them follow this model.

Why would they continue running ads if they’re not making any money?

It’s simple. They’re generating new customers for free.

They sell additional products and services to those customers…and that’s where the money comes from.

Where do they get all these extra products and services? They develop a few themselves, but more often they do joint ventures!

People running paid advertising to your target audience are the perfect joint venture partners. They have a constant flow of new customers coming in…and they need additional products and services to maximize their profits.

But there is something else going on behind the scenes.

These same clients are using joint ventures to create massive net profits while building out their paid funnels and letting them run. They sell their products or services through joint ventures at the same time they’re running paid ads.

The profits from these joint ventures finance their business.

Yes, I recommend and use paid advertising. It’s a long-term plan for full control over your own business and destiny.

But joint ventures are where you’ll find the ‘fast profits.’

And this Friday you’ll discover the “Joint Venture Fast Track: How to Quickly Find Them, Set Them Up, and Profit Long Term.”

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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