In April, I did a webinar for Monthly Mentor Club members only which shared the 21 most valuable lessons I’ve learned over my 23 years in online business.

It’s available in the member’s area video section.

As I prepared for that webinar, I realized just how much my business has relied on JVs over the years.

Often, I think of myself as a lone gun because I avoid ‘long-term’ joint venture partnerships. They come with too many hassles.

But joint ventures have helped me at every step in the growth of my business.

Real estate investors talk about OPM (Other People’s Money).

I’ve made money from:

  • Other People’s Money
  • Other People’s Traffic
  • Other People’s Lists
  • Other People’s Buyers
  • Other People’s Products
  • Other People’s Expertise
  • Other People’s Seminars

Essentially every major breakthrough came because of some type of joint venture.

I’ve used advertising to grow my lists, but huge surges of growth have often come from co-op advertising, promotional trades, and more.

In-person events, webinars, podcasts, and media appearances have all helped me grow my list and sell products to high-quality customers.

And here’s the beauty of joint ventures.

One connection can be leveraged into multiple opportunities.

You do a webinar for someone else’s list. Those who register are now on your email list. You create a surge of income from the event which you split with your partner.

That same webinar can be used for other people’s lists. And anytime an affiliate promotes for you (whether a webinar or not), you can often pick up additional affiliate partners who found you because of their promotion.

I’ve created dozens of products with joint venture partners. And what some people don’t realize is when you share ‘rights’ with another business owner they’re going to expose your name to a group of customers you may never have reached on your own.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “Who ALREADY has my buyers on their list?”

Every customer and client you ever need for your business is already on someone’s list. They may have spent years developing a relationship with them and building trust.

What do you have to do for them to get access to that audience?

It could be putting together an irresistible offer and testing it with paid traffic. That way you have proven results to show them.

It could be offering your service for free to them to get through the door.

Or it could be putting together your own list of Most-Wanted partners and coming up with a series of follow-ups that will get you noticed.

Remember, one connection can lead to many more…if you do it correctly.

The June issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is called “The Joint Venture Lifestyle.”

It’s due to go to print on May 31st. It shares how joint ventures have grown my list, my income, and my freedom…and it talks about some of my most successful ones and how you can model them in your own business.

Join the Monthly Mentor Club today to get this issue mailed out to you plus access dozens of my step-by-step special reports designed to help you Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life.

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