Many business owners have a scarcity mentality.

They’re afraid of partnering…because their customers may find out about someone else.

Sorry to break the news, but your customers already have access to competitors.

In today’s digital age, your competitors are only a few clicks away.

You won’t keep your customers prisoner because you’re the only game in town anymore.

You retain customers by providing value, customer service, and results.

In many cases, competitors can be your greatest assets as joint venture partners.

Every customer and client you ever need is already on someone’s list.

All you need to figure out is how you can create a Win-Win-Win deal. You, your partner, and the customers can out come out ahead.

Here’s an example of a very simple joint venture I did last year.

Bob Bly, one of the best copywriters in the world today, had his assistant contact me. They suggested a promotional trade. I email my list about his book, and he would promote whatever I wanted.

It was a done deal, because Bob is someone with integrity who I’m happy to promote. Yet some people would get nervous because the book is called The Digital Marketing Handbook, and part of his promise is “YOU Can Make Your Websites Generate More Leads, More Sales, and a LOT MORE MONEY!

Wait, that’s what I help people do!

But it’s silly to look at it from an angle of scarcity. My customers could potentially find his book anyway. And it’s going to be a good resource for them.

And in exchange Bob promoted me. His reciprocal promotion was worth close to 300 new subscribers.

And that’s just one partnership that took less than hour to set-up and profit from.

There are so many ways you can partner to grow your list, even with potential competitors.

In some cases, you might not partner with a ‘direct’ competitor. The SEO service isn’t going to promote someone else’s SEO service. But how many other services would be valuable to their clients? Copywriters, conversion experts, PPC managers, coaches, customer service agents, virtual assistants, tech teams, etc. are all possible partners.

Here are just a few ways you can get your competitors to grow your list for you…

  • Promote yourself as a podcast guest on their show.
  • Write a guest blog post.
  • Offer to do a webinar for their audience and split the profits.
  • Hold a Summit where you interview them and ask them to promote.
  • Create a low cost product with upsells where you offer 100% commissions on the frontend (build a buyer’s list).
  • Do a social media promotional trade where you promote them and they promote you.
  • Create high-quality content they can add to their membership site.

Those are just the beginning.

In the June issue of the Monthly Mentor Club, going to print on May 31st, I’ll be sharing about “The Joint Venture Lifestyle.”

It covers why joint ventures have been one of the biggest secrets of growing my business over the past 2 decades.

Are you leveraging everything you have to produce maximum returns?

How much more money will you earn and how many breakthroughs will you see when you start seeing competitors as future joint venture partners?

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