I was talking to a client last week and he brought up a survey they recently did of their subscribers.

They were worried because there were a lot of comments about how their prices were too high.

But they had tested their prices over the past few months and were earning more money…even from cold advertising…after raising prices.

Don’t blindly listen to surveys!

There can be some great ideas there, but you have to judge them based on what’s working or not working in your business.

Talk to customers (notice I said customers there – not subscribers). A majority of your subscriber list will never buy. You’re serving your current and future buyers…not random lookie-loos.

Run your own tests and consistently judge the results.

Look at what competitors are doing for additional test ideas. If you blindly copy your competitors – you can end up in a ditch.

Here are 3 common pieces of advice you should IGNORE from subscribers:

1) Your price is too high.

I’ve even had subscribers say my products and coaching should all be free.

How dare you make a profit from your work?

Look at your numbers. If your products aren’t selling, examine the competition. How does your value compare to theirs? When this complaint is valid, it’s a value problem…not just a pricing issue.

But if your products are selling well, and you’re getting this comment a lot, maybe you need to look at your lead generation methods and whether you’re attracting a lot of poor-quality leads.

No matter how well priced you are, and how much value you give, there are a lot of freebie seekers on email lists who will tell you this no matter what.

2) Your sales page/video is too long.

Let me translate that statement for you. It usually means, “This topic doesn’t interest me enough.”

It’s not too long. Either the person making the comment isn’t your target buying audience for this specific product or your copy is too boring.

The story isn’t strong enough. The hook isn’t enticing enough. And you can’t keep their attention all the way through.

Again, you judge by sales. If your conversion is poor, you need to go back to the drawing board and look for ways to up the interest (benefits, curiosity, and story).

If your website is converting like crazy, IGNORE those comments!

In fact, it seems like you get them more often when you have a lot of traffic and sales coming through.

3) You send too many emails.

See my comments above.

The problem is not that you’re sending too many emails.

They’re either not your target buying audience, or your emails aren’t interesting enough.

Instead of listening to bad advice given to you by random people, improve your emails.

Get a better understanding of what causes customers to buy in your market.

That’s why I put together Autoresponder Alchemy.

It shows you step-by-step how to understand the true buying motivations of your target audience…and how to tap into those hot buttons consistently with attention grabbing emails.

The majority of my buyers grab this course for the 80+ templates wheels to help you produce high converting emails fast.

But their business gets totally transformed when they realize how easy it is to understand your buyers’ motivations and the emotional triggers you can tap into throughout the course.

Give it a try today…and you’ll never go back to your old methods.

I guarantee it.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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