Several clients are running very profitable Facebook ad campaigns with great front-end returns.

When you’re getting back $3 for every $1 put in…or even $10 for every $1 you invest, you’re having a GREAT campaign.

Sometimes the results are so good it makes me a little jealous!

And even though one of these clients already had great numbers on their front-end Facebook ads, we found a quick way to multiply those profits almost overnight.

The secret was adding a deadline…a reason to act now.

They offered a big discount that only lasts 48 hours for each new visitor (and they have software in place to make sure this is a real deadline).

That little change multiplied the profits on an already successful campaign.

This has happened time and time again for my clients.

John Carlton talks about imagining your customer as a gigantic, somnambulant sloth, spread out on the couch, lazily surfing the web after work.

They’re worn out and disengaged. How do you persuade them to search for their credit card, and purchase from you?

There has to be a fear of loss. They’re going to miss out on something.

You describe a problem in detail and you paint a picture of the future end benefits.

But why not just take a nap right now?

It’s easier to put off the buying decision till tomorrow.

But if they put it off, they’ll soon be distracted by the next bright shiny object.

The sale is gone.

How many sales have you lost because you didn’t give people a good reason to act now?

What can you do to put together an Irresistible Offer…with a hard deadline for taking action?

Every holiday is a reason for retail stores to run specials.

They have clearance racks when they need to clear out last season’s inventory to make room for new, incoming products.

Online we run discounts.

We offer additional bonuses.

We provide limited time coupons.

Maybe the product or service itself is only available for a limited time. If you don’t get it now, you can’t get it at all.

That’s the topic of the July issue of the Monthly Mentor Club coming out in a few days.

You’re going to discover how to put together Irresistible Offers with a reason to act now.

This includes one-off specials you run to your email list (including ones you can keep reusing year-after-year for outrageous results).

You can even use evergreen specials with a hard deadline unique to each customer.

Plus, I’ll reverse engineer the email sequence I used on one of my previous money-on-demand specials to my email list.

See the exact emails sent each day during the special, the psychology behind each one, and how you can use to maximize your profits on your next offer.

Join today to get access to this upcoming July issue.

Plus, you’ll get access to dozens of my detailed special reports showing you how to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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