Every email you send should have a purpose.

Ask your reader to do something: click a link, watch a video, share on social media, and of course buy your products or services.

Each email should put money in your pocket.

But your biggest income…immediate cash surges…come from Irresistible Offers with a hard deadline.

Sometimes you can make more money in 24-hours than the rest of the month combined.

Maybe you offer 50% off your product for the next 7 days only.

If they don’t order before June 30th, they miss out and it goes back to the regular price.

Or you offer 2-for-1. They can get your two most popular products for the price of one.

Or perhaps you throw in a one-on-one consultation for the first 20 buyers only.

If they don’t act before the deadline, they miss out.

That fear of loss, what a customer will lose out on if they don’t decide today, motivates buyers to whip out their credit cards out and purchase.

You run a 50% off special for 5 days. Some customers buy on day one. These are your hyper-responsives who buy everything or were already on the fence thinking about it.

You get a few stragglers coming through on day 2 thru 4. Those days can be boring as you experience only a trickle of sales.

Then the deluge starts on the morning of the 5th day. Time is running out and customers start flooding in. This only increases as you get to the last 12…and then 6 hours.

It’s not uncommon to get more than 50% of your sales in the last 12 hours of a special that lasts the whole week.

I call it the “Heart Attack Curve.”

There have been several times where I’ve run a special and the results seemed ‘dead’ for several days. I’ve even told my wife how poorly this offer did.

Then on the last day…in the last 6 hours… a ridiculous number of sales come in.

It’s a massive payoff at the very end.

These last-minute buyer stampedes are even more common over the past couple of years.

Customers are more likely to put it off till the last few hours now.

This is one of the reasons I often close my specials on Pacific time even though I live in the Eastern time zone.

We see a time like 12 midnight and we think of it in terms of our own time.

By closing my specials on the Pacific time, I’m eliminating some of the confusion where a customer in California might have been thinking of buying at the last minute…and I miss out on sales!

The July issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is called “24-Hour Money Magnets.”

It will show you how my clients and I have used these 24-Hour Money Magnets to buy cars, pools, and even put down payments on houses. Clients have used them to take luxury vacations, buy presents for family members, or send kids to college.

In this month’s issue you’ll discover what kind of Irresistible Offers work to generate big income surges like this and how to put them into action for maximum results.

You’ll see the exact emails I’ve used on a previous special along with my play-by-play commentary of why each email worked and how to model it for your own special.

Join the Monthly Mentor Club today and this issue will be mailed out to you on July 2nd.

Plus, you get access to dozens of special reports and videos showing you my step-by-step systems for generating high quality leads, turning visitors into sales, and creating high lifetime customer value.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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