Last Day to Save $200

Today is the last day to save $200 off “The 60-Minute Copy Cure”:

Click “Add-to-Cart” and enter SHORTCUT in the coupon box to save $200 instantly.

This ‘fill-in-the-blank’ instant system will help you craft ‘overnight copy’ that attracts hungry buyers for your products and services.

This coupon is ONLY good until tonight at midnight Eastern Time, Thursday, June 14th.

Here is just a short taste of a few of the secrets you’ll discover (plus you’ll get access to all the templates including some of Doberman Dan’s best copy you can steal as your own)…

  • Seven secrets for quickly writing million-dollar ads and sales letters, both online and offline… even if the only thing you’ve ever written is a grocery list. (No experience required. Simply “fill in the blanks” and you can create order-pulling sales copy.)
  • 20 of our best converting offers — tested and proven, time and time again — handed to you on a silver platter! (This takes 95% of the work out of creating new offers.)
  • How to tap into the best “big selling idea” so your copy connects with your prospects’ deepest emotional needs, fears and desires. (This makes your copy convert so crazy good… cash flow will NEVER be a problem again!)
  • The power of the “hidden story”… and how to use it to double or TRIPLE your conversions. (Once you know this, you’ll leave your competitors so far in the dust, they won’t even have a prayer of catching up.)

Coupon Code: SHORTCUT

  • The power of the “social proof” big idea. (This transformed one of Dan’s front-end customer acquisition pieces from losing money… to bringing in a 5-to-1 return on investment every time it ran.)
  • The #1 reason why swiping or modeling successful copy -like most LMCs (lesser mortal copywriters) do and teach — will NOT work for you.
  • How to use this “3rd grade elementary school teacher” tactic to make sure your prospects read EVERY WORD in your copy. (The upsurge in conversions from this will blow your mind!)
  • 11 template transitions you can use to keep your prospect’s eyeballs GLUED to your copy.
  • A simple, quick and somewhat sneaky way to even get the people who don’t read your copy to buy your product.

Coupon Code: SHORTCUT

We’re handing you “fill-in-the-blanks” copy. AND — as if that’s not already easy enough — we’re showing exactly what to put in the “fill-in-the-blanks” parts.

There’s no other possible way to make this any easier for you!

Coupon Code: SHORTCUT

This coupon is ONLY good until tonight at midnight Eastern Time, Thursday, June 14th.

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