Yesterday I talked about the secret that helped me earn millions online.

The secret is persuasion…knowing how to use words to attract and convert hungry buyers.

And right now, you can SAVE $200 on “The 60-Minute Copy Cure” which shows you how to create order-pulling copy and even hands you “fill-in-the-blanks” copy you can use.

60 Minute Copy Cure

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Today I want to talk about the 2nd secret that totally transformed my income.

I was broke when I first started online.

Worse than that…I was in serious debt…and couldn’t even make the minimum payments on my credit cards. And it kept getting worse.

So I didn’t have much money when I came online…and that infected my thinking as well.

If I didn’t have any money, then nobody else did either, right?

This meant I focused on selling cheap products…and didn’t believe anyone would spend a “lot of money” online.

I put a “lot of money” in quotes because to me, even $50 or $100 was a lot of money at the time.

Yet, somehow I kept thinking no one had any money to spend even though I personally spent $2,500 for my first computer package…and spent hundreds of dollars multiple times on courses about direct response marketing and copywriting (all on credit cards which weren’t maxed out yet).

Limited thinking held me back for several years…mostly selling products under $50.

And thankfully, that worked. I quickly replaced my pizza delivery income (not a huge feat)…and paid off my debts.

Eventually I tested a product at $197.

It sold…and made a lot more money than the lower priced products.

With fear and trembling I tested $495.

No one would spend that much online, would they?

It surprised me how well it sold and how much money started coming in.

I got stuck there for a while, but then I saw some people making offers over $1,000.

Wow…and I tested an offer at $1,997 with a payment plan available. It was a package with massive value including some group based coaching and direct help.

More income came in from that offer than anything I sold up to that point.

There were multiple buyers who purchased that…and had never purchased anything from me before.

Of course, this wasn’t just about raising prices. The value added to each of these packages was multiplied compared to everything that came before it.

And my ‘copywriting’ skill improved during the journey as well.

These secrets are interconnected.

Target a hungry audience. Create an irresistible offer. Use copy that sells.

The obvious way to earn more money in your business is to create more value for a larger audience…offer a fair but premium price for the value you offer…and know the words to use to attract buyers to that offer.

That’s why Doberman Dan and I have a complete module in “The 60-Minute Copy Cure” that talks about creating irresistible offers.

And we include copy templates not just for lower cost products…but also for high ticket offers such as full courses, multi-thousands dollar training packages, and even private coaching.

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