Recently I watched a video of Lebron James talking about how he believes the mental game is as much as 80% of the results in basketball.

Of course those numbers are assuming you can bring the goods. It doesn’t matter how mentally tough I would be on the basketball court, I don’t have the talent or skills to play with those guys.

But what stood out to me is how Lebron said his mind is constantly going through all the scenarios of what could happen during the game and how he can give his team the edge.

That’s a lesson you can apply daily online.

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

I’ll often help clients carefully orchestrate a complete step-by-step plan for their business, but we’re always making adjustments.

Perhaps the website is converting, but it’s not converting well enough to make a profit with paid advertising. We’ll test a different headline or offer.

We may add a heatmap to the site so we can see what people are clicking on and how far they’re scrolling down the page. Or we might even send out a survey email to the non-buyers on the list and straight out ask them why they didn’t respond to this offer.

Maybe the website is working, but very few people are taking advantage of the upsell. We’ll double check to make sure we made a good connection between the original purchase and the upsell. Then we’ll test a different price point or a completely different offer.

One of the most valuable skills you can develop is to always be searching for all the scenarios of how you can improve the results at every step in your funnel.

Yes, you need to develop the skills of research, copywriting, managing your time, outsourcing, generating traffic, writing emails, etc.

But at the same time you need to understand just how important the mental game is online.

There are opportunities all around you.

It’s so easy to become distracted by all the BSOs (Bright Shiny Objects).

You have to focus on the priorities that can provide the greatest return on your investment.

No one has time to do ‘everything’ online. You’d quickly go crazy just trying to keep up with all the different social media sites.

Instead, focus on where your profits are…

Target easy-to-reach customers and get them on your list.

Create offers that solve their problems and fulfill their desires.

Follow-up regularly by email on both subscribers and buyers.

If you’re not as successful as you’d like to be, you need to focus on these scenarios.

How can we attract more of the right kind of customers to your list? If you try to sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one in particular.

What offers do they want to buy? Many times you can straight out ask them in a survey.

And how well are you holding their attention with your follow-up?  You have to send the right kind of messages to turn subscribers into buyers.

My Autoresponder Alchemy course isn’t just about email. It’s also about developing the right strategy and implementing a system where you transition cold visitors into red hot buyers and fans.

You get an inside look at how my brain works (sometimes it’s scary in there).

You can try to model successful emails from experts on your own, but you only see the ‘surface’ information from the outside.

You need to know who they’re speaking to and why they do it this way.

That’s what Autoresponder Alchemy will give you. Not only will you know exactly what to do, but you’ll also know WHY it works at every step in the process.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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