I’ve been thinking a lot about plateaus lately.

The first challenge you face in any venture is getting started.

Get moving, build momentum behind your project, and start seeing results.

Eventually you reach a sticking point. You’re following the same routine, but you’ve stopped making forward progress.

For example, I enjoy working out, both with weights and bodyweight exercises. I was following a routine which got me to 250 lbs on my bench. But I was stuck there for months. Same workouts, but no more improvements.

To break past that plateau required me to make a radical change. I did the Smolov Jr routine which has you benching 4 times a week for 3 weeks. After those 3 weeks and another week off, I jumped all the way to 280 lbs.

I’ve faced multiple sticking points in my online business which each required a different stimulus to breakthrough.

If you’re just getting started or you’re facing a sticking point yourself, one of these 4 breakthroughs may be the secret that moves you to the next level.

#1: Focus on the List

Concentrating on growing my list and communicating with my list regularly was my first big breakthrough.

That is what propelled me from failure to success online.

Create a lead magnet that turns visitors into subscribers. Generate traffic to your site using blogging, Youtube videos, solo ads, Facebook ads, SEO, etc.

Discover your unique voice by sending out frequent email messages with contrarian content alongside personality and pitches for your offers.

It’s easy to get distracted from what brings in the cash.

Build a list. Communicate with the list. Make offers.

#2: Making Connections at Conferences

My business was running along profitably and then hit another breakthrough when I was first invited to start speaking at conferences.

Sure, I earned good money speaking at the events, but even more valuable were the personal connections I made with others.

How are you systematically connecting with other influencers in your market?

It could be by attending events and conferences. Or you could start your own podcast where you interview experts weekly. Or you make connections through social media and groups.

Don’t go it alone. Make connections with others. While you don’t want to promote everything that comes down the road, you do want to team up with ethical business partners.

#3: Continuity

I hit another income breakthrough as soon as I opened my first membership site.

Up till then I was earning a great income online, but it was a wild rollercoaster ride up and down month-to-month.

Continuity evens that out…and gives you a solid income foundation every month. That first membership site quickly went to 10k a month and grew from there.

Plus, I discovered a little secret about continuity. Your members become your best buyers of everything else you offer. Treat them special. Give them little discounts off other products and launches.

Watch as your monthly program multiplies the sales of everything else you offer!

#4: High Ticket Offers

WOW! That’s what I said the first time I offered a product for $495.

It was a big deal for me at the time, but since then I’ve offered products for $2,000, $5,000, $8,000, and up.

I started out with products in the $10 to $100 price levels. When I first offered something for $495, I was sure no one would buy it.

But orders came flooding in. I had almost as many sales at $495 as I had from the previous offer at $100….and more than 4 times the income!

What do you offer for those hyper-responsive buyers on your list? It could be a group coaching program, workshop, or done-for-you service. There is small portion of every list that is looking for the ‘Ultimate Solution’ to their problem.

If you’re not serving them, you could be leaving more than half of your income on the table.

It’s time to break through any plateau you’re experiencing.

You could continue the same ‘routine’ which got you to where you are, but eventually you’ll reach a sticking point.

To go to the next level requires a change in stimulus.

Join the Monthly Mentor Club today for the step-by-step systems, group support, and implementation strategies you need both to get started…and to blast through any plateau you face in the future.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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