The Internet Lifestyle is all about Freedom.

You can choose the hours you work, what you do, and who you do it with.

You can focus your attention on the highest value activities and outsource other pieces of your business.

I have clients who love working in their business more than virtually anything else…and they’re building large companies in their chosen market.

Other clients use their business to finance their lifestyle.

Several clients take off a month or more at a time. One of my clients took off the entire month of August, and another one recently went on a Safari in Africa.

Others work just a few hours per day.

And still others work a 3-day work week.

It’s your choice.

Over the years I’ve noticed I work in spurts.

Yes, I’m consistently here sending emails and helping my clients. That doesn’t change.

But I go through phases. When developing a new product, I’ll often invest significantly more time than the average. After it’s developed and on the market, I’ll coast for a while.

My Monthly Mentor Club print newsletter is in the back of my mind all month long, but it’s almost always written in the span of 2 to 3 days.

Some authors talk about how they write a certain number of words each day.

That style has always appealed to me, but it has never fit me.

If you wrote just 1,000 words a day, then 60 days later you’d have 60,000 words or a decent sized non-fiction book.

I’ve tried that method of having a place you write each day for a specific period of time, but it just wasn’t for me.

Instead, I prefer longer time blocks. I’ll block off 4 hours and start writing. Take a break every 25 to 50 minutes. Then get right back to it. With this style I get into a flow and knock out way more than I would if I tried writing 4 separate times for 1 hour each.

That doesn’t mean my style is best for you. I always tell clients to experiment with this.

Maybe your life doesn’t allow the larger time blocks and you have to work on your business in short spurts each day. Fine.

I love the quiet of being at home, often even moving onto my lanai.

Maybe you like the energy of being in a busy coffee shop. That would drive me crazy!

That’s what’s so exciting about the Internet Lifestyle.

You can find what suits you and flow with it.

You might hear the routine of your favorite guru so you jump into it wholeheartedly.

But something doesn’t quite fit you. Maybe you can get it done, but it feels like a struggle. Try a little variation.

Test a different location.

Test a different time of day.

Test a different length of time.

Look back at when you have personally been most productive in your life or in your business. What was around you at the time? Were you in a busy location with high energy? Was it a quiet time of the day?

When do you have the most energy? Plan creative pursuits for high-energy periods. Easier activities such as reading or responding to emails can be done at a slower time of day.

What are the 20% of your activities producing 80% of the results?

Focus your time there first.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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