I love continuity income. I had one of the first internet marketing membership sites back when dinosaurs roamed the Internet.

It was essentially a Who’s-Who of online marketers. Even my friend and business partner in several projects, Dr. Glenn Livingston, first met me when he was a member of that site.

I eventually sold that website.

And I’ve now been publishing the Monthly Mentor Club for over 9 years.

Pretty much any of my clients will tell you how much I harp on getting a monthly continuity in place.

There’s an double dose of freedom you feel when you know all your bills are paid before the month even starts just from the monthly membership.

But one of the issues with managing any type of continuity program is retention. Just selling a customer into your program isn’t enough. The real money is keeping them as a member for 6 months, 1 year, or even 9 years into the future.

Below are 5 tips to help you attract and retain members…

#1 – Irresistible Offer

One of the fastest ways to multiply your numbers from any website is improving your offer.

The majority of members are attracted for the instant gratification.

What will they have access to immediately when they join?

These are often bonus gifts that help them accomplish their end goal. You’re essentially bribing members with a deal so good they have to give your program a shot.

Bonus Tip: Several clients have been seeing amazing results lately by promoting a free month of their membership as an upsell after other purchases. You’re giving them 30 days free to try out your site. If it isn’t right for them, all they have to do is contact you to cancel. They owe nothing.

I wouldn’t use free trials in other situations because it attracts unqualified customers. When used as an upsell though, they just qualified themselves by paying for one of your other products first.

#2 – Breakthrough Results

How can you help a new member get results quickly?

It’s easy to load your membership with content, but an overwhelming amount of content does not make your site sticky. Instead it’s about return-on-investment.

What information or system can you deliver that will help the member get a return on their investment today, this week, or this month?

It could be a tool, a spreadsheet, a template, or something else they can use. It could be a short training video or PDF that they can put into practice immediately.

Make it easy to see initial results, and you’ve already cleared the first hurdle for loyal, long-term members.

#3 – Shared Values and Beliefs

What are the basic values and beliefs that are essential in your program?

For example, in my Club I obviously talk about growing your email list, the Golden Glove persuasion system, how to create your Authority Architecture, the Magic Tipping Point, and the importance of systems for designing lifestyle. And those are just a few of the basics.

There should be systems you regularly refer back to in your membership. These are foundational to everything else you share.

#4 – Community Connection

Find a way to get members connected with each other.

This could be through a discussion board of a Facebook group.

It could be webinars or in-person events.

You could even connect members with each other in small groups or as practice partners.

Who will they miss having access to if they’re no longer a member?

#5 – Personal Contribution

Find some way that people can give back to others in the group.

It’s amazing how much you can learn by teaching others. The message becomes real to you.

How can longer term members ‘mentor’ some of the newer students?

This can occur by providing the community connection of discussions, groups, or webinars.

Are there any additional ways you can encourage others to participate and give back?

For example, you can call on some of your longer term students to give advice during a webinar. You could hold a contest where people submit their own tips, photos, case studies, etc. Perhaps you even have a prize for the best submission.

You’re helping members become even more invested in your program.

And of course you want to integrate your personal story into the mission and the membership.

The August issue of the Monthly Mentor Club was all about the Hero’s Journey and how you can use it to create persuasive stories…which can be used to sell more of your products and services or create a stronger connection with your current members.

It’s too late to get this issue in the mail, but you can currently still download the PDF version inside the site…along with all the other goodies I have reserved for you.

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